Your Top 3 Questions About Property Preservation Work, Answered

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If you’ve recently acquired a property that has been foreclosed on or has sat vacant for some time, then you may need to look into some property preservation work. Here’s a little more you might need to know about these services, if you’ve never used them before:

Who Uses Property Preservation Services?

Preservation services are commonly used by banks or real estate companies who are taking over derelict properties, or by commercial institutions who need to hold vacant properties. Property preservation work generally includes some property rehabilitation, as well, and its goal is to get a property safe and in good condition so that it shows well and won’t degrade over time. Most properties, and houses in particular, are designed to receive ongoing homeowner maintenance. So things can break down quickly if not intentionally preserved.

What Types of Services Are Typically Included?

The basics of property preservation work include removing any junk and debris that has been left inside or outside the property (and disposing of it properly, a must when dealing with potentially hazardous materials), re-keying locks and installing additional security, doing repairs that threaten the integrity of the structure and generally cleaning the property. Many of the companies offering these services are general contractors, meaning that they can do as much or as little work as the property needs for its intended purpose. Ongoing maintenance might include lawn care to ensure the property looks well cared for, which boosts its value and discourages vandalism.

What Are Some Special Services to Consider?

There are additional seasonal services you might need to consider if you live in a cold or snowy area. Initial winterization involves draining of pipes and boarding of windows to protect from damage, and ongoing snow removal keeps the property passable. Spring cleanup, which removes the debris that often accumulates under snow, may also be included.

Do you have any other questions about property preservation or how to choose the right property preservation contractor? That’s what the comments are for!

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