5 Services Offered by Residential General Contractors

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Property management can be difficult and stressful because there are so many responsibilities for the person in charge. A property manager is tasked with taking care of security issues to keep tenants safe, resolving maintenance problems that pose a risk for anyone living at the site and upkeep of the exterior like lawn care. This is a lot for one person to deal with, so many managers choose to hire residential general contractors to help them handle all the aspects of managing a property. For anyone who is interested in hiring a property preservation business, here are some of the services offered by residential general contractors.

    1. Lawn care services
    A residential general contracting company can be instrumental in providing care for the exterior of a home. Keeping the lawn mowed in the spring and summer months is a time consuming job. There are over 40 million acres of commercial and residential lawn in the United States, and keeping the lawn looking great is an important role of any property manager. A general contracting service can take on some of the work and assist in keeping the property looking great for residents.

    2. Locksmith services
    If there’s an issue with locks at a property, it’s an emergency because it is a security issue for any resident or business at the site. A property manager is responsible for rekeying a lock or finding someone else to do it, and property preservation contractors can assist with this. They can locate a professional locksmith who are specially trained to duplicate any type of key. Locksmiths can also determine the safety of a property’s security system, so burglaries can be avoided in the future and the tenants will be safe.

    3. Maintenance issues
    This includes things like heating, plumbing or electrical problems. A property manager doesn’t always have the training to fix these issues, and it can be stressful to find someone who can visit the property right away to evaluate the damage. A property management company helps because they employ people who are experienced in these areas and can usually visit the site within a day or two to resolve the problem. When a property manager works with a bigger general contracting company, the resources are doubled so there are fewer headaches for everyone involved.

    4. Snow removal
    In the winter months, snow removal services are critical to ensuring residents and businesses have access to their homes and offices. A residential general contractor can facilitate snow removal services, including plowing the driveway and keeping the sidewalks clear, so everyone is able to get in and out even after a big snow storm. Tenants need to have the property plowed consistently, otherwise they will complain and the property manager will have to deal with unhappy people. The best way to avoid this is by negotiating a snow removal plan with the contracting company before the winter weather arrives.

    5. Trash removal
    Property managers can usually hire a trash removal company to get rid of the garbage. Many general contractors provide this service so property managers don’t have to worry about it.

Do you manage a property and employ a residential general contractors company to help you manage all the work required for your job? If so, please share your experience by leaving a comment below. Read more about this topic at this link.

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