Three Window Washing Techniques You’re Probably Getting Wrong

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One of the things that people care most about in their homes is cleanliness. This doesn’t just mean dusting, vacuuming, and keeping things uncluttered. One of the most overlooked things that need to be cleaned in the home are the windows. From weather to fingerprints, windows can quickly become dirty and unsightly. Cleaning them regularly is important, but there are a few common mistakes that people make when they are doing it that should be avoided.

1. Not Cleaning Both Sides of the Glass
One of the biggest window cleaning mistakes that people make is not cleaning both sides of the glass — or not doing it properly. When you’re cleaning a window, spray the glass with your choice of window washing solutions. Then wipe the entire window in the same motion, either left to right or up to down. On the other side of the glass, use the opposite motion. This way, if there are streaks, you’ll be able to know which side they are on based on the direction they go.

2. Using the Wrong Cleaning Solution
Another mistake that people often make when they are cleaning windows is using the wrong kind of solution. The best way to clean windows without streaks is to use the right cleaner. Avoid using all purpose antibacterial wipes that claim to be usable on glass — they usually actually leave streaks anyway, and in many cases there’s no real reason your windows need to be sanitized. Use a vinegar-based solution instead, since these won’t leave streaks.

3. Using the Wrong Kind of Wipe
Another window cleaning mistake that people make is using the wrong kind of wipe to clean them with. Using an old rag could leave behind little shreds of fabric, and using paper towels leaves behind lint. Newspaper is actually a really effective material to use to clean windows, since it doesn’t leave lint behind and is still absorbent.

Have you made any of these window cleaning mistakes? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments section. See this link for more.

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