A Quick Guide on Measuring for New Blinds

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While there are several window treatments that can help upgrade the interior of your home, blinds are often the most practical option. Not only do they provide a nice aesthetic, but they are perfect for controlling light and can help even manage the temperature of a room, helping to cut down on heating and cooling costs. Plus, they are highly customizeable and able to fit just about any window, no matter how awkwardly-sized it is. But, in order to find the best window blinds, you will first have to learn how to measure for window blinds accurately. And because there are multiple types of mounts and both horizontal and vertical blinds, there are a few specific techniques.
Inside-Mounted Horizontal

  1. Measure the window frame’s width at the top, middle, and bottom and use the smallest measurement to make sure blinds fit inside the frame.
  2. Find the height of both sides and the middle. Round down an eighth of an inch and use the largest measurement to make sure blinds are long enough.

Outside-Mounted Horizontal

  1. Measure the width of where the mounts will be placed to the nearest 1/8th of an inch. That distance should be about 1.5″ beyond the edge of the frame on each side for proper light control.
  2. Repeat for height, and, again, add an extra inch and a half.

Inside-Mounted Vertical
These are the better option for windows that are wider than they are high or for sliding doors.

  1. Use the smallest measurement from the width of the top, middle, and bottom of the window so blinds will be wide enough to clear the frame.
  2. Find the vertical measurements for the two sides and middle of the frame, and use the smallest.

Outside-Mounted Vertical

  • Measure the width of the window or door and add four inches to each side. You won’t need three measurements since the extra inches account for brackets and the needed length.
  • Mark the spot where the headrail will be installed, generally three inches above the door or window opening.
  • Measure the height from left, right, and middle of headrail, and use the smallest.
  • Because there are only a couple of steps needed, it is not all that difficult for even inexperienced homeowners to learn how to measure for window blinds. However, learning the specifics of each type of mount and blinds is important. Taking the time to do so can go a long way towards making sure that designer window blinds look nice and function perfectly. More info like this.

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