Give Workers Their Own Space to Boost Productivity

Closet glass sliding doors

The most productive people — those who seem to get more done by their lunch break than you do all day — have a number of different habits that help them get the most out of their time. According to an infographic posted by Catherine Clifford at, some of the 35 habits she mentions require the ability to avoid distractions. For example, not answering the phone or too many emails, tuning out the news, staying organized, learning to ignore certain tasks or requests, and building a routine are all helpful tools for productivity. Without a defined workspace, it can be difficult to complete some of those habits regularly, which is why offices are always at a premium. But for owners and managers who don’t have the space to give every employee an office, installing office room dividers could be a nice alternative.

Though many people fear the dreaded “cubicle,” using office room dividers to give employees their own space can actually be quite beneficial. The best way to tune out distractions, quite simply, is to avoid them. While communication and establishing relationships with coworkers is often important, having to look at and hear them all day can make it hard to just focus consistently and keep a work routine. So those who want to get the most out of their employees should consider adding privacy walls that work as a nice substitute for private offices.

One of the most important techniques included in Clifford’s list is the ability to avoid unnecessary meetings. When people hear the word meeting, they might immediately think of board rooms with long wooden tables and pie charts. However, meetings can take place anywhere, and workers might not even know that they are a part of one when they are just involved in a simple conversation. The proper use of office room dividers can help prevent those unproductive meetings from ever happening.

In addition, if business owners believe that an open floor plan is the best way to boost productivity, adding interior sliding doors might be beneficial, particularly for conference rooms or other similar areas. They can be closed to maintain privacy or opened wide for a more relaxed feel and comfortable work environment. That flexibility can make them a nice addition.

For the most part, regardless of the work space that people have, productivity depends on dedication and discipline. After all, developing and sticking to good habits can be tough, especially if motivation is an issue. But owners and managers who want to increase productivity should give workers and environment that encourages that.

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