HIgh Effiency Toilets The Newest Bathroom Trend

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Rarely will housing buyers find a house that is move-in ready and fulfills every need on their wish list. Instead, some buyers are willing to buy a fixer upper and renovate. Americans spend millions of dollars per year in bathroom renovations and upgrades. From bathroom sink vanities, water saving toilets, and large whirlpool baths, bathrooms are one of the most upgraded rooms in the family household.

It has been more than 150 years since the first American patient for the toilet was granted. Since then the modern toilet has come a long way (and by Modern Toilet, we’re not referring to the toilet-themed chain restaurants in Taiwan, where diners sit on non-working toilets and eat out of miniature toilets and bathtubs).

Water saving toilets are among the latest trend that combine style and savings. What differentiates water saving toilets from regular toilets is the technology used. In water saving toilets, a completely sealed inner tank is used in addition to the standard outer tank. This inner tank uses water to compress air and when the toilet is flushed, the water from the inner tank is forced out by the pressure of the compressed air. These water saving toilets combine minimum water usage with maximum flushing power, and come in a variety of styles, colors, and price points.

Bathroom vanities and sinks are another upgrade that many people choose. Double sink vanities are very popular. Busy couples or families tend to gravitate towards this option because these vanities provide enough counter space for multiple users’ items, while providing a stylish alternative to the stand alone vanities. From traditional, detailed woodwork to sleek, modern finishes, vanities can be custom made to complement your bathroom sinks and faucets. They are a worthwhile upgrade that yields a high percentage return upon resale.

When considering bathroom upgrades, one may also want to consider convenience. Walk in bath tubs offer ease of entry and exit and are generally much deeper that the traditional bathtub. However, walk in bathtubs are primarily intended for people who have limited mobility. They offer safety rails, seating and other safety features. If you have an elderly person who lives with you, or if you anticipate aging in place, a walk in bathtub might be a great option to consider during the remodeling process.

The bathroom renovation business is booming. Thinking about an upgrade to your bathroom? Consider water saving toilets, stand alone vanities, dual sinks, and walk in bathtubs to bring more convenience to your life, and more ROI to your investment.

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