4 Interesting Tips to Improve Home Security

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There are over 2.5 million home intrusions in the United States each year, and if you live in a home that is unprotected, you are at risk for an unwanted break in by a devious burglar. Locksmiths recommend that residential door locks have a traditional lock that is enhanced with a deadbolt for added security. It’s important to remember to lock the door too, because about 30% of burglaries occur due to an unlocked door or window.

It’s not always easy to know how to protect yourself against theft, and one way is to consult with residential general contractors. A company that specializes in property preservation services will go over your home security systems with you and tell you if you need to amp up your security or if you’re already well protected. The top general contractors will offer security services to keep you and your family safe so you don’t have to worry. Keep reading for some things to discuss with your contractor regarding home security.

    1. If your home was broken into, ask about lock rekeying.
    Rekeying a lock is an important step in securing your home after a breach in security. It can sometimes be hard to tell how to intruder gained access to your home, and you might be wondering if they were able to get their hands on a key. As soon as you realize something isn’t right and you think someone may have been in your home, call your property preservation services contractor to request that someone come out to perform locksmith duties.

    2. Have your contractor check windows and doors for spots of easy entry.
    Burglars are experts on finding the places in a house with the weakest security, and this includes windows that can easily be opened from the outside and locks that can be picked. Your property preservation services manager can walk throughout your home with you to identify any places like this, and then they can recommend ways to beef up security.

    3. Consider a home security system.
    Lots of modern security systems will alert you to any suspicious activity at your home, whether you are home or not. This is great if you’re going away and you’re concerned about your home being targeted, and it also will help you sleep better because you won’t have to worry about staying alert for burglars who might enter. The best security systems are top of the line and can even be controlled remotely from a cell phone or computer, so if you need to let a friend into your home while you’re away, it’s not a problem. If there is a security breach, the police will be alerted so they can come check out the problem.

    4. Ask your contractor about installing cameras on certain entryways.
    If you’re concerned about someone targeting your home repeatedly and you want to have a video recording of it happening, you should ask about the different options for security cameras. There are lots of choices on the market today, and they aren’t as expensive as you might expect. Some affordable options offer a good beginning security plan that allows you to keep a close watch on who comes and goes from your door, which gives you peace of mind about your home security. Helpful links.

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