What are the Industrial Application of Custom Fasteners

Miniature screws

The variety of custom fasteners are nuts, bolts, washers, and screws and they have a wide range of industrial use, from mining, railroad construction to agriculture and electronics, custom fasteners possess limitless applications options. These fasteners can be found in different standard sizes and lengths and depending on its application, your fastener requirement is greatly considered.

You can source for more custom fasteners such as extra-large and extra-long sizes, custom head or special flat patterns, and all of these blanks can be tweaked to your specification by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers will not only supply custom fasteners but also sort them out according to your weight, size together with labeling requirements, to ensure proper system integration with your inventory.

With multiple finishing designs ranging from brass, zinc, chrome plated to nickel, galvanized, and color coated, custom fasteners can be designed to meet different metric standards.The following is a basis of industrial custom fastener application.

1. Industry focus
Fasteners such as custom shoulder bolts and screws have a variety of applications depending on their mode of design. When it comes to industrial use. The industrial use of fasteners is Agricultural, automotive, construction, electronics, food processing, marine, mining, energy, medical or transportation.

2.Intended Application
Fasteners come in various shapes and sizes, materials and color and their specific use vary from one fastener to another. Some intended application for fasteners includes in boilers, bridges, engines, plumbing, hydraulics, impellers, jewelry or water treatment plants.

An example of custom screws, tiny screw, micro screws or even miniature screws is that they can be made using different materials, and the same case applies to other custom fasteners. Such materials used to make fasteners are alloy steels, aluminum, beryllium, brass, magnesium, carbon steel, nickel, tin, titanium or monel.

4. Standard
There is a standard way of producing fasteners, although some countries have set up particular criteria to base all the fasteners produced or imported into their countries. These standards are British, English and metric.

This is an important part in making of custom fasteners, in that, different finishing on fastener will determine its application. And the finishing styles include automotive, cadmium, chromate, zinc or silver plated, galvanized or painted.

Now, you can choose a custom fasteners depending on what you really want it for. Bearing in mind some of the mentioned bases, avoid making a wrong choice or using a wrong fastener.

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