5 Things a Plumber Has that You Simply Do Not

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A few years ago, someone gave us a new washer and dryer. Because we hadn’t purchased it at the store, there was no option to have an installation included. Who knew installing washing machines was such a big job? No wonder they include it for free, it’s just so people will accept the help and not screw up the entire machine trying to install it. Long story short we had to hire a professional who knew what they were doing better than us. Maybe it was because the type of machine it was had a dryer connected to it; they were the stackable kind that can’t be separated. In any case, sometimes you just need a professional to do things like installing washing machines or take care of your plumbing problems. Here are a few benefits to hiring a qualified professional.

They’ve Got the Know How
This is the main and probably most obvious reason. They know how to do it properly the first time. They aren’t going to be sitting there messing things up just to have to start all over again from the top. Their training didn’t come from YouTube tutorials. As great as YouTube can be to show you have to braid your hair and sharpen your knives, plumbing and electricity should really not be something that you rely on the random person on the Internet to show you how to do. Call a professional, pay the money and live your life worry free.

They’ve Got the Experience
They’ve been through things like this before. Chances are, they have encountered your exact situation many times before and could fix the problem in their sleep. What you think is the end of the world, to them, is daily life at the office. Another hint: since they have the experience and you do not, you probably shouldn’t hover over their shoulder and tell them what Pinterest says they should do. Their qualifications are usually from a more accredited source. They don’t really need your help to get the job done otherwise it would be you at their house, not them at yours.

They’ve Got the Time
Have you ever started a project and then taken a break because you had to be somewhere or do something and then never finished your project? You’re not alone. Most people do. However, if you call a plumber or an electrician to fix a problem at your house, they will have to carve out the right amount of time to continue the job until it is complete. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to run a very successful business. Keep in mind that if you’ve already started installing washing machines or whatever else you’re doing, they’re going to have to take more time undoing your work and that means more money.

They’ve Got the Tools
They’re not use bent pliers and bobby pins like we often do. Professionals have professional tools. Imagine that! It is a requirement, believe it not, to have the right equipment to do the job properly and safely. This includes the right attire for the specific job.

They’ve Got the Warranty
The best part about paying a company or serviceman to get a job done is that if it is not done properly or something breaks soon after, you can call the company right back and someone else will come and do it right, for free. Some people even guarantee their work so that even if the job is done right, if you aren’t happy, they’ll be willing to try something else for free until you like their work. Now that is some real nice customer service right there.

The moral of the story here is, DIY (do it yourself) isn’t always the answer. If you want to splash a canvas or make an autumn tree out of a couple of tomato planters, then sure, DIY is a fun and awesome way to do things. But installing washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, taking care of frozen pipes and pretty much anything that includes even just plumbing basics, should be left to people who know what they are doing. They have the training as well as everything else mentioned in this article!

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