Are Your Bathroom Surfaces Looking Older Than the Rest of Your Home?

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Being a homeowner can require a variety of different skills: some possess talents like scrapping, trimming, and painting exterior surfaces; some understand the process of patching, mudding, and sanding drywall surfaces; some focus on the the everyday details of fixing toilets, maintaining heating and cooling units, and keeping the yard mowed and trimmed. Few homeowners, however, master every skill that is needed to care for a property. And while all of the skills required to maintain a home require different levels of expertise, many homeowners agree that bathtub surface repairs are some of the most difficult.
Bathtub Restoration Takes Talent and Patience
Bathrooms are full of a variety of durable products. From tiles for the floor and wall to the hard countertop shower and bathtub surfaces, these are often some of the nicest looking areas in a new home. As a home ages, however, the small nicks, scratches, and missing pieces can become both an eye sore and a place for the growth of mold and mildew. And while a missing tile, for instance, may seem inconsequential at first, the process of replacing that tile without causing further damage can be tricky. As modern tiles for flooring, walls, and showers become even more ornate and detailed, this process of tile installation and repair can be even more complicated.
Additionally, bathtub surface repairs can seem unapproachable. Even though many homeowners will endure a blemish or mark in a bathtub while they are the homeowners, the decision to make bathtub surface repairs is almost a necessity if the house is put up for sale. Finding the right person or company to make improvements like bathtub surface repairs and ceramic tile refinishing, for example, can be the difference between less expensive repair and reconditioning and expensive demolition and remodeling. In the hands of a seasoned tile, enamel, and ceramic surface repair person, unsightly blemishes can fade away and look as good as new.
Even for homeowners who are not thinking about selling their homes, damaged bathtubs and showers can become breeding grounds for dirt and germs, as well as mold and mildew. Once mold begins, it is often difficult to conquer the problem. Covering up these issues with an amateur recaulking job can make the problem even worse, as mold and moisture makes its way behind and between growing numbers of tiles. For these reasons, many homeowners are transforming their bathtubs and showers into maintenance free surfaces that are resistant to mold and mildew problems.
Simply put, replacement of bathroom fixtures and surfaces can be very expensive. Resurfacing techniques, on the other hand, can be completed quickly and at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Fortunately, even though some of these resurfacing jobs can be completed quickly, they can have lasting impact. A properly reglazed tub, for instance, can last for an additional 10 years.
Bathroom Tub and Tile Surfaces Can be Tricky to Keep Clean
Even when homeowners think that they are being diligent about their cleaning habits, they can be causing damage to the actual surfaces that they are trying to maintain. Did you know, for instance, that over time a home’s bathroom surfaces can become worn, chipped, scratched, stained, discolored, and even permanently damaged by harsh cleaners? Even in a home that never sees cigarette smoke, a white or cream bathroom counter can yellow from continued exposure to both fluorescent and artificial lights. For these reasons, many manufacturers now recommend and sell products that are known to both effectively clean and properly maintain their specially designed surfaces.
As the bathroom tub and tile industry continues to advance, however, contractors and manufacturers know more about the resurfacing products that they provide and can offer a variety of tips and recommendations that can help extend the life of almost any surface.
Few things about being a homeowner are easy. The cost of buying the home is just the beginning; what follows is an extensive list of home maintenance tasks that must be properly completed to maintain a home’s value and safety. Although many home buyers possess the skills to maintain painted surfaces and heating and cooling appliances, few have the specific knowledge that it takes to resurface complicated bathroom surfaces like tubs, tiles, and showers.

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