Throwing an Outdoor Party? Here’s Your List of Tent Rental Equipment and Other Supplies


Whether you’re planning a wedding or celebrating the end of summer, you might need some help holding your outdoor bash, so it doesn’t get too expensive. While you might already have some party supplies on hand, a larger party could require more tables, chairs, and other necessities than you may have.

Fortunately, however, there are several equipment rental companies that have these items ready to lend for a much smaller price. Outdoor party rentals are ideal if you have the space to hold your own backyard celebration but don’t have what you need to keep everyone comfortable. From party table rentals to tent rental equipment, here are some of the essentials you’ll need to make your late-summer/early-autumn party fantastic:

  • Table and Chair Rentals: First and foremost, your guests will need a place to sit. Once you have an approximate number of guests arriving, you can plan your tables and chairs accordingly. You can also choose a setup that works for you, from long banquet tables for open seating to round tables for strategic seating assignments.
  • Tent Rentals: Tents are another must-have for an outdoor gathering because they help to shield your guests, rain or shine. Tent rental equipment is designed to hold any number of guests, from about a dozen or so under a tent with open sides to closed tents that can seat a couple hundred guests comfortably. In most cases, equipment rental companies will set up your tent rental equipment for you, so you have a safe and good-looking structure to shelter your guests.
  • Decorations and Entertainment Rentals: From dance floors to decorations, there are all kinds of add-ons that you can rent to make your event truly one of a kind. Bounce houses, for instance, are popular for entertaining the kids. If you’re having a festival or family reunion, you can rent concessions that include popcorn and cotton candy machines and cooking equipment for food. That means you can bring the county fair right to your backyard!

Are you planning a party soon? Don’t forget to find the best equipment rentals available in your area. Have more questions? Leave a comment or ask your equipment rental provider for more information.

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