The Five Golden Tenets of Roofing Maintenance

How to repair leaking gutters

Practice Regular Inspection
Proper roofing maintenance requires regular home inspections. These don’t have to be difficult, in fact, they usually only take minutes. During the late fall, check the roof for leaves and debris that could weigh down, clog the gutters, and cause damage. During the winter, be wary of hail damage and snow wear,as it can be heavy and weigh on your roof. If you see damage, call one of your local roofing repair companies.

Take a Walk
It sounds silly, but a quick walk around the perimeter of your property can tell you if your roof is leaking, or if your shingles are compromised. When walking around your property, examine your gutters to ensure they are in place. Additionally, look on the ground. If you see broken shingles, then it may be indicative of roof damage that should be addressed immediately.

Check the Gutters
Roof gutters and downspouts should be regularly cleaned of leaves, debris, and fallen branches. Cleaning roof gutters ensures that no flooding occurs within your home, and is an extremely important aspect of roofing maintenance.

Get Inside
If you think there is water leaking from roof, check your attic. Believe it or not, the attic is the most telling place that will inform you that your roof is leaking. If there are dark, discolored spots or stains, there is likely a problem that should be addressed immediately.

Call Your Local Roofing Repair Company For Inspection
While a lot can be done at a personal level, the safest form of roofing maintenance is done by the professionals. A roofing repair company can assess the damage on your roof and adequately repair it, or go through the necessary steps of re-roofing if need be.

Ultimately, the goal of roofing maintenance is to ensure that your home is as safe and comfortable as possible for yourself and your loved ones, now and years to come.

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