Quality Remodeling That Will Save You Money

So you’ve been saving up and visiting the best home repair websites and think it’s finally time to give your home a great renovation. Consider the often-overlooked factors before you begin. These major jobs can require you not to stay inside the house as work goes on for safety reasons, especially if you have small children. Do you have a place you can put up until the work is done? Have you proofed your household furniture and items to protect them from stains and damage?

Some tasks can take time, and this can bring on inconveniences. Like if you’re remodeling your master bathroom, and you now have to share one small bathroom with a large family or sleep elsewhere, you can only do that for too long before you start feeling bummed out. Consider a bathroom remodel option that’ll speed up the work and have you settled back in comfortably.

Ensure you only consider and invest in a reputable bathroom remodeler whose work has a track record of being nothing short of a home renovation showroom in quality and standard. The least thought-out consideration is removing and disposing of demolition waste off your property. Create a well-thought-out plan for the end before you begin.


Quality home improvement

Are you looking to upgrade your home but worried about the cost? While the initial cost can be intimidating quality remodeling can actually save (and make) you money in the long run. Home additions are becoming more desirable for buyers, with many wanting a more custom home. Here are some home improvement projects that are worth the investment.

Kitchen Design Upgrades

If your kitchen is a bit outdated, you should heavily consider upgrading. Not only will switching to more modern appliances decrease your energy bill now, but when you put your home on the market you’ll get an incredible return on investment (the average kitchen remodeling project has a return of over 80%).When you do upgrade, be sure to consider what buyers are looking for now. The majority of home buyers say that a double sink, a space to eat at, and a walk-in pantry are all incredibly desirable.

Gorgeous New Bathrooms

Maybe your tastes have changed since you last remodeled your bathroom – – or maybe you haven’t remodeled at all. Now’s the time! Turn on any home improvement show to get some creative juices flowing! Simple fixes, such as painting or adding tiling to a shower can be done by yourself, but for plumbing work and complete make overs, you should look into hiring a custom bathroom contractor that has an extensive portfolio showcasing his quality remodeling jobs. If you have a two story home, be aware that vast majority of home buyers feel a full bathroom on the first level is essential.

Adding Additional Space

If you’re considering expanding your home, it’ll pay off! Adding 1,000 square feet can boost the selling price of your home over 30%. The median square footage buyers want right now is 2,226 square feet, which is an upgrade for most buyers whose homes average 1,906 square feet. Be smart about how you add that extra space in, though! The majority of home owners prefer a single story home as opposed to a two story home and they want a basement and a two car garage. Nothing like being picky!

Exterior Upgrades

Give your home a completely different look with new siding and doors! Aside from changing things up a bit, you’ll be adding an extra layer or protection to your home by upgrading the exterior. Siding doesn’t last forever and old siding can rip off during a bad thunderstorm, leaving you with shards of vinyl and a wet interior. New siding has an 80% return on investment while a new steel door can get back almost its entire worth in the sale price of your home.

If you’re on the fence about upgrading, there’s really no reason not to. Though the cost is large at first, quality remodeling jobs will give you the change you’re looking for and pay for themselves later on. What are you waiting for? Start planning out your renovations!

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