Why You Should Repair and Renovate Your Home

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When it comes to home repairs, upkeep, or plans to renovate, finding an affordable, reliable contractor is a must. General contractors can help with home remodeling projects and large repairs that can help make your home into the best place to live. Or, if you are considering selling your home, tackling these repairs and investing in helpful renovations can ensure you get the maximum profit for your sale. If you aren’t sure whether you should look into renovating or repairing, take a look at some of the most popular contracting jobs for homes on the market, to help you better decide if contracting work could help your home:

1.Consider Garage Storage
Garage storage is extremely important for many homeowners and buyers, with over 30% of people rating it as an essential element and over half of all homeowners claiming it is desirable. In fact, almost 80% of buyers will choose a home with a garage. Expanding your garage by investing in an extension, or having a new one constructed can help you find more room for storage, create a nook above your garage to turn into an office, art room, apartment, or more, and can also help keep your cars safe. You could also store a second fridge or deep freezer in the garage, for quick access to drinks during outdoor parties.

2.Redo Your Attic
Attics can be great sources for storage, but wouldn’t they serve an even better focus as a bedroom or office? Remodeling an attic as a bedroom has an overall 80% return on investment, because you have just created a bedroom that was once not there. If you are selling your home and looking for a project to increase your profit, or if you just need another bedroom but can’t expand, attic renovations are the perfect contracting project.

3.Adding Dormers to Roofs
Most people don’t actually realize what dormers are, but know them when they see them. Dormers expand on an existing sloping roof by creating usable space inside, and generally have windows added to them. If your sloping ceiling is driving you crazy, adding dormers can help free up some extra space in any upstairs room. They also add a great design element to the outside of any home.

4.Home and Room Expansions
Home expansions are perhaps the most major of all investments that a homeowner can get into. Expansions can add much needed square footage onto a home, and can range from expanding existing rooms (such as dining rooms, living rooms, or kitchens), to creating new ones. Expansions can happen either vertically or horizontally, both with very different results, so if you are unsure which type of expansion would look best in your home, check with a qualified contractor.

Whether you are looking to free up more space, update your home, or spruce it up to sell, home contractors can help you seek out the most successful projects for your family’s needs.

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