Three Ways to Make Your Home’s Flooring Surfaces More Green

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When it’s time to install replacement flooring in your home, the options might seem endless — because they basically are. However, your choice could be easier than you think, especially if you want your flooring to do good for the environment.

With the market for more eco-friendly flooring quickly on the rise, it’s easier than ever to replace your home’s flooring with something a little more natural and sustainable.

Want to know more? Here are three of the most popular eco-friendly options that will help you respect the environment when you install replacement flooring in your home:

Reclaimed or sustainably-sourced wood inlay flooring

Reclaimed wood is essentially recycled or re-used, meaning flooring your home with this material gives a second life to perfectly good lumber that would otherwise go to waste. Best of all, reclaimed wood often gives a vintage, shabby chic look to rooms and is truly unique. Or you could opt for prefinished wood floors that come from a sustainable forestry initiative, meaning the wood comes from trees that will be re-planted in order to maintain the ecosystem.


Because bamboo grows at a much faster rate than trees, it’s a much more sustainable flooring material than wood. Harvesting from the bamboo plant doesn’t kill the plant itself, and it takes a mere three to seven years for the plant to grow back to its original state. Bamboo also looks great on any floor.


No, you’re not seeing things — linoleum is actually one of the most eco-friendly replacement flooring options out there today! That’s because real modern linoleum — not vinyl or any other synthetic flooring that’s often called linoleum– is made with all natural, biodegradable materials such as linseed oil, resin, cork dust and more.

Want to know even more about installing prefinished hardwood floors or other eco-friendly flooring options? Ask us any questions you may have or share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Read this for more.

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