6 Surprising Property Preservation Supplies Used by Contractors

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Anyone who works with property preservation companies knows that they provide a variety of services, from lawn care and locksmith services to collecting rental income and fixing tenant utility issues. Have you ever wondering what property preservation supplies are required to do all this work? If you have, here’s a list of some of the strangest and unexpected supplies used by property preservation contractors to keep tenants happy and properties looking their finest.

    1. A locksmith’s kit
    Property preservation businesses know that about 30% of burglaries in the United States occur because of an unlocked door or window, so most of these companies have a locksmith on their staff to provide advice about how to boost security at various properties. Locksmiths can go through a residential or commercial property and evaluate the risk based on various security features. Locksmiths are also help in the event of a break in, because they know how to rekey a lock quickly and effectively.

    2. Lawn fertilizer
    There are about three million tons of fertilizer used on lawns each year in the United States, and one of the biggest consumers of fertilizer is property preservation companies. These businesses manage several different locations and it’s their job to keep properties looking great, and one of the ways they do this is by fertilizing the lawn.

    3. Gasoline
    One of the most expensive property preservation supplies is gasoline, because it is required to transport workers and other supplies to and from the various properties. There are over 800 gallons of gasoline used in the United States each year for lawn care alone, and this figure doesn’t even include the massive volume and cost of gas required for other transportation services.

    4. Snow plows
    Snow plowing is one of the most convenient services offered by property managers, because it gives owners and tenants both peace of mind about having access to the property during the winter months. The only way to move all of the snow from harsh winter weather is to plow it away, and most property managers own at least a few snow plows to help them do just this.

    5. Financial software
    One of the more traditional jobs of property preservation companies is collecting rent from tenants. Owners appreciate this service because it saves them a headache caused by extensive and confusing financial planning. It can also take a lot of time and effort to track down tenants who don’t want to pay their rent. Property managers don’t do this on their own though, and they often use sophisticated financial software to help them organize the finances of various properties.

    6. Lots of manpower
    This is what ties all of these supplies together — each one requires significant manpower in order to get the job done right. Whether the property manager needs to designate labor to lawn care, locksmith services, or collecting rent from tenants, a person is required to do the job. Property preservation companies employ a variety of experts which aids in their ability to perform such diverse tasks and fulfill their customers’ needs.

Are you surprised by this varied list of property preservation supplies? What are your thoughts on the services provided by top general contractors in your area? We would love to hear your feedback so please join the discussion by leaving a comment below. More like this article.

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