The Real Value of Landscaping 3 Things You Should Know

Updated 09/14/22

Spending quiet time in a garden makes you feel better and clears your head. Apart from giving your home a refreshing look, landscaping allows you to maximize your yard space. To enjoy an appealing exterior design, you require landscaping services to improve and beautify the natural surroundings. One of the major benefits of landscaping is its economic benefit. A well-designed home adds to its value. How a home looks will determine whether a buyer will purchase it and how much they’ll be willing to pay. Planting shade trees helps reduce air conditioning needs by 75%.

If you want 1-acre backyard landscaping ideas, consult a professional landscaper. A beautiful landscape can impact your life in many positive ways. Plants produce oxygen and eliminate pollutants like smoke and dust, thus improving air quality. In addition, looking at plants and trees helps lower stress, boost the immune system and improve short-term memory. Beautiful yard landscaping turns unused spaces into functional areas. A homeowner can give an unused backyard a makeover and use the space for relaxation and entertainment. Landscaping is also a good way of protecting natural wildlife like birds and insects. If you want to know more about landscape, you can find information online or consult a professional landscaper.

Landscapers’ lawn care services aren’t only great for your yard, but for your home’s value, as well. Here are a few things you might not know about landscaping.

Lawn services can add up to 28% to your overall home value. – Believe it or not, lawn services can actually add over a full-quarter to your overall home value. If your home is worth $272,900 — the average value of a home in 2010 — then good landscaping will add up to $76,412 to your home’s value. Not bad for the cost of lawn services, is it?

Trees can help you trim your energy bill down to size. – Planting trees in your yard pays off. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, just having three properly placed trees can save you between $100 and $250 a year in energy costs. What’s more, having shade trees and wind breaks can help you reduce your winter heating bills by 15% and air conditioning needs by 75%.

Good landscaping can help you sell your house a lot faster. – The typical time it takes to sell a house in a high demand market at a good time is about 10 to 21 days. That’s pretty fast, but it’s also a rare case. The majority of homes (53%) take at least three months to sell and at most seven months. In fact, nine percent of homes — nearly one in 10 — sell in seven months. That is a long time. However, having good landscaping can speed a home’s sale by as much as six weeks, and time is money, after all.

The fact of the matter is that landscaping is an investment, and a smart one at that. If you have any questions about the value lawn services can add to your home, feel free to share in the comments.Landscaping madison al

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