Be Prepared for Any Type of Weather – Check Your HVAC System!

An HVAC system is an important unit in every home. For the system to function properly, there are maintenance practices that a homeowner should conduct frequently. Cleaning is one of the major maintenance tasks that the HVAC system requires if you want to enjoy heating service during winter.

If not well maintained, an HVAC system cannot function properly due to dust accumulation in the internal space. People using a dirty system can develop respiratory issues and other related problems. So, seek the services of an AC heating and cooling near me and have your system cleaned. If you leave your AC heating and cooling unit dirty for a long time, it can break down. A dirty system tries to work harder to provide the required output, and it gets wear and tear in the process. Eventually, the system will break down, subjecting the owner to repair costs.

AC repair jobs are complicated, and thus you shouldn’t attempt them by yourself. However, ensure you seek the services of qualified HVAC repair professionals. A professional will use the correct tools and ensure the system is working as expected. Lastly, why wait until your air conditioner and ventilation system breaks down and causes you inconvenience? Ensure the system is properly maintained by an experienced HVAC cleaning professional.

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This winter, many areas of the United States, namely the Northeast, have been experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures. There has been little to no snow in areas that are famous for their winter weather. Certain cities are experiencing record breaking highs in the middle of December.
If this trend continues, you may find yourself needing both your heating and cooling units
this season
. The weather has been unpredictable: warm and sunny one day, cold and rainy the next. As the weather continues to be temperamental, you?ll want to be sure your heating and cooling units are in good working order. Here are some tips to determine if you need any AC or furnace repair before the New Year.
There is poor airflow coming from your AC unit.
The weather may climb to some balmy temperatures this season and you?ll need to use your air conditioner. When you go to turn it on, you may find that the airflow is weak and your AC unit simply isn?t doing its job. Even turned all the way up, your house isn?t cooling down as much as you need it to be. This is a sign that an air conditioner repair is in order. Lack of cool air might mean that an important component in the system has failed.
The furnace is making strange noises.
When the cooler days set in, you?ll be cranking the heat back up. If you hear banging or rattling, that?s a red flag. There may be a loose mechanism in your furnace. It will not run efficiently or heat the house evenly if there is a serious repair to be made to your heating and cooling systems. The blower motor might have a loose part, or the motor belt may have slipped. If this is the case, you?ll want to call your local furnace repair specialist to diagnose the issue or replace the motor. These types of furnace repair are best left to the professionals.

The filters are old.
If you?re going to be running the heat in your house, you should check the filters. Chances are, if you haven?t turned up the heat since last winter, you?re due for a replacement. Dirty furnace filters need replacing every 90 days. This is imperative not only to your health, but to your safety. Dusty furnace filters may catch fire more easily. Some experts recommend the disposable pleated air filters to trap the most particles and reducing allergens while still encouraging airflow. Filter replacement is an easy task you most certainly can do yourself.
Don’t wait until dramatic weather changes to check the status of your heating and cooling units. Do a yearly or semi-yearly diagnostic check to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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