The Easiest Way to Customize Your Baby’s Nursery

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Most mothers dream of a cozy space where they will spend time with their newborn. This space is filled with soft blankets, well-stocked with diaper changing materials, and magically keeps itself clean. While the perfect nursery is never a requirement for a happy and healthy baby, having a nice space does cheer up Mom.

Only about 20% of homeowners are satisfied with their decor, indicates a recent study by HomeGoods. There are a few general guidelines to follow when setting up a baby space in one’s home. It’s always a good idea to group items in one place; to have enough supplies on hand; and to do so in some style. Here’s what to know before creating a nursery for your baby.

What Makes a Great Nursery? Preparedness, Comfort, and Style.

There are countless pictures of lovely rooms across the internet. It’s fine to admire these pictures, and it can be fun to imagine what it would be like to have a similarly decorated room in your home. However, it must be remembered that these are just pretty images. No baby room ever looks picture-perfect all the time. But with proper planning and execution it can be easier to keep yours tidy.

How to Stock Your Nursery: The Essentials.

There’s two main items everyone needs regardless of their situation, diapers and flannel blankets. Whether you choose to diaper your baby with disposable diapers or cloth ones, it is important to know that babies will grow rapidly, but not always on the schedule you expect. It is not unusual for a parent to find that their baby has outgrown one diaper size seemingly overnight.

Also, newborn babies are notorious for being difficult to size. Some babies are born larger and are too big for the tiny newborn size. Other babies will seem too small for even the newborn size, which will make itself known when they soil it and make a mess. A good estimation is to plan for about 18 diapers per day at the newborn stage, and then a gradual lessening in number as they get closer to two years old.

Next, stock up on flannel blankets. These are thin, soft cloths that are about 24 inches by 24 inches. They are essentials for any nursery because of their versatility. Flannel blankets work great as swaddling cloths for small babies, as burp clothes, as a privacy screen when breastfeeding, or of course as a light blanket. Stock up early, and replace as needed.

Decorating the Easy Way: Use Wall Decals.

There is no reason for the nursery or changing table area to look boring. Instead of painting a whole room, why not use wall stencils? Custom wall stencils can spice up even a plain white wall. A birch tree wall decal has become a common trick online as a quick do it yourself decorating job. For one, a birch tree wall decal does not cost as much as a couple gallons of paint. Secondly, when you decide to redecorate, it is much easier and simpler to remove a decal then to repaint a whole room.

At as early as five months, babies are said to be able to differentiate between different colors. They are also developing their depth perception. Young babies are learning to find the differences in their surroundings. Some parents believe that creating visually interesting surroundings can help their babies develop these necessary milestones. Whether or not the a birch tree wall decal or other customized decor helps with development, there is no denying that the parents appreciate style.

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