Various Flooring Options Serve a Number of Purposes in Homes Across the Country

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There are many things that you enjoy about going to visit your 85 year old father and his wife. You love the small town feel. You love the slower pace. You love the lack of city noise. You love the smell of sleeping with the windows open.
Every time that you visit, however, you are reminded of your father’s age. Although he and his wife are still pretty healthy and are able to get around reasonably well, their house has seen better days. Years of spills and mud being tracked in have done a number on the flooring, especially in the kitchen. The low maintenance carpeting which resembles something that many people would only install in an outdoor space is filthy to the point of being unhealthy. And while you never really want to have a conversation about cleanliness with your dad, you have finally decided that it is a topic you can no longer ignore.
With a trunk full of sample flooring options in the car, you are determined to talk to your father and his wife about making some changes in their home. Installing new flooring, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom, is a change that you think will make their home easier to maintain and be a more welcoming space to friends and family who come to visit. You are thinking that your dad’s wife will be a fan of the vinyl plank flooring as it will be easier to clean when the morning coffee gets spilled. The fact that they already have such a utilitarian flooring product should mean that the switch away from carpet should be easier.
Flooring Stores Offer a Number of Versatile and Easy to Clean Products

Invented more than 80 years ago, vinyl flooring is one of the most resilient flooring materials available today. With the latest technologies and product offerings, vinyl is now available as a surface in many styles. Vinyl plank floors, in fact, are so realistic that it often takes a very close examination to realize that you are indeed looking at a vinyl floor.

Flooring stores are part of a market that make a significant contribution to the nation’s economy. The fact that data from the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) indicates 99% of realtors believe homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell means that there are many home owners who are looking at making this upgrade to their home.

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