Steel Framed Windows and Doors Are the Smart Choice

Steel windows

In today?s design world, aesthetic is everything, but you shouldn?t compromise the integrity of the structure to get the look you want. With modern innovations in technology, steel framed windows and doors are the best looking, safest, and most reliable choice for you design needs.
The Design Possibilities Are Endless
With steel framed windows and doors, the sightlines are minimal, giving the modern feel that appeals to customers and designers. And the hardware options are extremely versatile. You can choose virtually any style of hardware to customize the look and feel of a room with steel window and doors.
Steel Is Stronger
The strength of steel is uncompromising. In fact, steel framed windows and doors are three times stronger than aluminum, ensuring that the hardware won?t pull out. The strength of steel is also why the sightlines are minimal, allowing more light into the space. Customers want both strength and elegance, the cornerstones of steel framed doors and windows.
Nothing Is Safer or More Reliable
Wood and aluminum are both susceptible to fires. Wood burns and aluminum melts at 1,221 degrees Fahrenheit. House fires can get up to around 1,200 degrees. Fire rated windows and doors that are made of steel can withstand the heat of fire for much longer ? untreated steel melts at 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Beyond that, aluminum and wood frames often show up to a construction site damaged. This is never the case with steel.
Whether you are looking for commercial or residential steel windows and doors, there is no better choice than steel. It is more customizable and reliable than the alternatives, and it lasts forever. Not to mention, that Energy Star certified steel framed doors and windows can save consumers upwards of $400 a year. Approximately 20% of heat is lost through doors and windows, making the airtight dependability of steel a smart choice.
Go ahead and weigh the options. Steel will always tip the scale in its favor!

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