How to Care for Your Sewer

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The sewer is one of the most overlooked part of the home maintenance routine. Can you remember the last time you had your sewer cleaned or had it inspected? If your sewer is 40 years or older, you may need to look into sewer line replacement services in the near future. If the sewer line is younger than 40 years, there are a few things to do for your sewer to ensure it keeps working properly over the years.

Having a plumber unclog your drains by using a snake can cost anywhere from $10 to $200, which is much cheaper than an entire sewer replacement. One of the most common causes of sewer backups is tree roots getting into the sewer lines and causing blockages. A tree’s roots system grows 12 to 36 inches below the surface, but can extend horizontally two to three times the diameter of the canopy. These roots can run into underground pipes causing them to break, crack, or otherwise damage them. If you catch these roots early, they cause minimal damage and can easily be repaired.

Sewer Inspections
As a homeowner, by having your sewer line inspected on a regular basis can prevent costly sewer replacement services. Set an appointment with your plumber who will come in with a sewer camera and scope out how open your line is, as well as if there is any obstructions. The plumber will let you know if you need a sewer line cleaning and they can most likely clean any debris out that day.

While having your inspection done, the plumber will look for any signs that you will need a sewer line repair either now, or in the near future. By catching the signs early, you can avoid an entire sewer replacement.

Avoiding Clogs
Besides clearing out tree roots on a regular basis, you can avoid clogs by not flushing items such as maxi pads, diapers, cotton swabs, gauze, paper towels, and heavier materials down the toilet. To further keep you covered, check out insurance policies that cover sewer replacement and repairs in case yours becomes clogged on a regular basis.

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