Are You on the Fence About What Kind of Fence to Get?

Fence installation companies

There are almost 100,000 fencing businesses in the United States that install about $51 billion dollars worth of fences every year. Whether you need a fence for business purposes or to enclose your yard, picking the right fence can contribute a lot to your property, and add up to 65% of the fence’s cost back into the property’s value. When shopping for a new fence there are several factors to consider:

  • Budget
    You probably have a dollar sign in your head that you know you can’t exceed. If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to use a chain link fence, which is the most cost-effective and durable fencing material. If you don’t like the appearance of a chain link fence, a simple way to dress it up is to plant a fast growing vine on it. Within a year or two, your chain link fence will look like the Garden of Eden. If you want a more decorative fence and have the budget for it, there are endless, beautiful fencing options available at any price point.
  • Quality
    Your fence is among the first impressions you can give a customer or guest about your business or home. The material your fence is made out of is a simple way to add sophistication to the curb appeal of your propert. The sky is the limit when it comes to fencing materials; you can install a fence made of wood, vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron, mesh, even cactus ribs. Each fencing material contributes its own level of quality and look to a property.
  • Aesthetics
    There are hundred of fence styles, it’s important that the fence matches the look of the home. A classic home might look best with a beautiful wrought-iron fence, while a fence for business properties would need to look more professional or contemporary, and of course a white picket fence suits the little country house best. When choosing a fence, consider the big picture rather than just the fence designs that you like best (although choosing a fence you like only because you like it is okay too!).
  • Functionality
    The reasons you need a fence vary from one property to the next and are obviously a huge factor in which type of fence best suits your needs. About 90% of residential fence purchasers are in the market for privacy fences; there are several fence options that add privacy, but a tall wood fence is one of the best sellers. If you have a pool, you want to enclose it with a lockable fence that is at least four feet high with a gap between the ground and the bottom of less than four inches, so that no children or animals can get in. A fence for business purposes probably needs security above all, and you may opt for a chain link fence, or a more sophisticated looking tall wrought iron fence.

Have you ever had a fence installed in your home or business? What factors did you find most important? What type of fence did you end up getting? Please leave us you input in the comment section below.

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