How to Find a Custom Garage Screen Door

Pull down door

The ancient Romans place a lot of power and intrigue with the notion of entrances and doorways so much that one of their gods, Janus, was the god of gates, passages, and doorways. Although Janus is not commonly evoked, the same importance imparted onto doors and windows has carried over to the American household. A variety of doors, widows, and retractable screen doors are available to suit any homeowners’ projects.

Solar Screens

Retractable solar screens provide shade and privacy to homes using their unique fiberglass design. The fiberglass screen helps provide up to 75% UV protection, helping to shield skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Many customers stated that they feel more secure in their homes at night with the screens down and more comfortable during the summer months. A typical retractable door screen can last up to 15 years if used properly.

Insect Screens

Anyone who has ever gone camping or had to sleep outdoors knows the ferocity of biting insect. Insect screens are commonly made out of an aluminum or fiberglass mesh with openings that are too small for most biting insects to move between. Insect screens can be custom fit for any surface, allowing businesses to create covered outdoor areas or homeowners to install a garage screen door. Customizable insect screens can be stationary or retractable screens depending on the intended use.

Garage Door Screens

According to Remodeling magazine, their 2014 Cost vs. Value survey found that garage door replacements are some of the best investments that homeowners can make, returning an estimated 83.7% return on investment. Up to 71% of those who replace their garage doors do so specifically to add value to their home. Combining a new garage door screen with a new garage door can quickly turn a garage into a comfortable addition to any home. Turn your garage into the most comfortable room in your home with custom outdoor screens and doors.
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