Planning to Sell Your Home? Here Are a Few Tips That Will Bring You a Significant Return on Your Investment


Many people within the United States believe that their backyard is “an ideal entertaining space.” The 2014 Houzz Spring Landscaping Trends Study revealed that this was the perspective of 83% of their study’s participants. The Houzz study also revealed that 56% of the participants were planning to enhance their yards so they were more inviting for entertaining. This includes both outdoor living and entertainment areas as well as swimming pools.

Barbecues or grills, according to Houzz data, were just one of the top-three items that their participants were planning to add to their outdoor area. Outdoor kitchens were added by 14% of the consumers that Houzz surveyed. It’s important to note that when homeowners have an outdoor kitchen added to their yard, this can bring them a return on their investment that can potentially average 100% to 200%.

Given the popularity of swimming, many homeowners may be planning to have an in-ground or above-ground pool created by pool contractors. For children between the ages of seven to 17, swimming is the most popular form of recreation. Throughout the United States, however, it is the fourth most popular sport or recreational activity.

When homeowners contact pool contractors to have a pool installed, in-ground pools will usually last between five to 12 years. Above-ground pool liners, however, will usually last between six and ten years. This does depend on a variety of factors. While some homeowners may opt for diving boards, others will not. Recent information shows that 38% of in-ground pools do have a diving board, however.

In terms of keeping the pool water sanitized, 85% of pool owners use chlorine. There are other sanitization options available, and these can be further discussed with a local pool maintenance service. Some pool owners, for example, may choose to have saltwater rather than freshwater pools.

After having a pool installed, it’s important to have a four-sided isolation fence constructed around it to create maximum security. These fences should be a minimum of five feet high and have self-closing and self-latching gates. In addition to these safety requirements, these fences should complete surround the pool in order to prevent access from both the house and yard.

If you’re planning to enhance your outdoor living and entertainment areas, there are even more ideas available. When you contact your local swimming pool and outdoor kitchen builders, they will be able to recommend other ways to create an inviting space.

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