Amazing Facts About the Elevator

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You have likely ridden on elevators many times. There are about 900,000 of them in the United States, and each one serves an average 20,000 people each year of its life. In total, elevators in America take us on 18 billion trips a year, and about 10,000 new residential lifts alone get installed every year. They have an amazing history, so if you?ve ever been curious how elevator repair is done, how the elevator came about, or the difference between a commercial elevator and a residential one, read on.

Without Them, Our Cities Would Look Very Different

the elevator may seem quite a simple innovation, but without them we could not have the skyscrapers the dominate so many places in our modern world. The invention of the elevator allowed us to fundamentally restructure building designs.

They Are a Lot Safer Than Escalators

It probably doesn’t seem as if this would be possible, but actually there are 20 times more elevators than there are escalators, and yet one third fewer accidents happen in the elevator. It is true that some people die in elevators, but the vast majority of them are elevator contractors carrying out elevator repair.

What?s the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Elevators?

The differences tend to be primarily in size. For the most part, residential elevators do not have to conform to the same size standards as those of an office building or hospital, which means you can install residential lifts in private homes. Elevators in residential buildings, known as residential commercial elevators, do have to be of a certain size and are usually built big enough to accommodate a wheelchair. There are also differences in required elevator repair schedules.

Why Do We Have Elevator Music?

Some of the earliest elevators were dangerous. Even later, when elevators were more reliable, passengers were still fearful. Going up in a box was a strange experience for people in the 1920s, so to calm them soothing music was played into the elevators.

What are the World?s Most Famous Elevators?

The Louvre elevator in France has an open cabin. In Taiwan there is a rocket powered elevator, and China has what is thought to be the world?s largest elevator. In Lisbon there is an elevator that still runs and is one of the first steam powered elevators, and in St. Louis the city?s Gateway Arch has a famous elevator inside it.

The Close Door Button Doesn’t Work

At least in the United States. In China, the close door button works, and most people try desperately to close the doors the instant they step on: leading to a lot of frustration for people trying to hop on at the last minute.

How Does Elevator Repair Happen?

It should be preceded by regular maintenance to catch signs of wear and tear before any breakdown occurs. Elevator repair almost always starts with an evaluation of the problem, because it frequently is more expensive to keep replacing old parts then to simply replace the entire elevator once it has gone beyond the recommended lifespan. Working in an elevator shaft is not for the faith of heart, either, so elevator contractors need to be hardy breed.

It?s Nearly Impossible to Make an Elevator Fall

The falling elevator is a favorite movie trope, but in reality it’s quite difficult for this to happen. Not only are there redundant cables that would have to all be cut, but the elevator itself and the shaft are equipped with brakes that would all have to be disabled in order to get an elevator car to actually plummet to the basement.

Elevators are not just a modern convenience. In our high-rise buildings, both offices or residences, they are an absolute necessity. For those who cannot walk or who are otherwise disabled, elevators are crucial for quality of life. We take them for granted; we probably rarely think about elevator repair; we feel awkward when we’re inside them with strangers. But next time you are in one, remember that the elevator is one of the great keys to our modern life!

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