Home Decor Tips Five Components to Note

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There is a statistic that around 80% of Americans are unhappy with their home decor. But much less than that (around 37%) have changed their decor within the past year. It is possible that Americans are thinking too much about their decor and need to just make decisions. With that said, this article is a quick guide to decor.

Decor, as a term, includes many different things. Decor, for instance, can mean the furnishings in the house, the style of furnishings, the color of furnishings, the material type of the furnishings, and so forth. It can also mean the tables and chairs, their colors and materials. It can also mean the paintings and wall fixtures.

Together, the decor is supposed to create a sense of feeling within a room. There may be a depressing feeling if the lights are dimmed too much or if the colors are not in line with the lighting of the room. There is a chance that too much can happen in a room if the colors and the furnishings and the lighting is not all in line with each other.

This can create a very haphazard way of viewing things and can lead to a strange feeling within a room, if a person who has never been in the room walks in for the first time (they might feel something strange when they walk in). It also may be uncomfortable for individuals who have lived in the house or apartment long.

A recent statistic showed that people had one of five major categories for decor. There is the contemporary decor, which is pervaded with wood and standard American furnishings. There is the rustic decor, which hearkens back to the older days of America. There is the modern decor, with most of its sleek metal. There is eclectic. There is the country decor.

Although the first three are the most popular, with the contemporary furniture style predominating in most of America, it is possible to choose a decor style without relying on any particular category of decor. The important features are in the following paragraphs. They are guidelines. Follow them for an interesting result.

First, keep your house colors in mind. When preparing to furnish a room or even a home, take stock of all the different colors on the walls, the color of the flooring, and the color of the ceilings. Color matters when it comes to furnishing a home. Before picking out any furniture or paintings, get a feeling for paint of a wall.

The paint matters for several reasons. A bold color like hot pink will make it difficult to select the right paintings that will not clash with the pink color. A more standard color for a wall like beige or tan goes well with many different kinds of colors, and therefore would be good with many paintings (or even furniture).

Next, picking the right furniture is crucial to maintaining the right image for your room, apartment, or home. The right furniture should stand out in the room but not in an overt manner and the paint on the walls should complement the furniture. Many choose to go with rustic or contemporary furniture. That means leather chairs or standard chairs.

Next, picking the right paintings and wall decor is critical. Finding the right kind of painting can accent the wall paint color, the flooring color, the ceiling color, and the furniture color.

Finally, the right lighting matters. Lighting can come from an overhead ceiling light, a light in the corner of the room (from a standing lamp) to a lamp on table (smaller standing lamp). It can come from many places. There is in fact a popular style of light that goes well with many images. It’s called induction lighting or an induction lamp.

  • Nikola Tesla demonstrated induction lighting in the late 1890s.
  • Induction lighting has high efficacy — in many cases, 60 or 70+ lumens per watt.
  • While HID headlights are about 50% brighter than LED headlights, LEDs last 10 times longer than HIDs.

There are many terms to go with an induction lamp. An induction lamp (or induction lamps if plural) is associated with wall pack light fixture, parking garage lighting, LED T8 lamps, LED roadway lighting, and more.

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