Looking for a Commercial Fence? Keep These Facts in Mind

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Did you know that the U.S. fencing industry is worth about $51 billion? That?s a lot of white picket fences right there.

Of course, residential fences aren?t the only types of fences out there, though they may be the first thing people think of. Commercial fencing services are also tremendously popular, for a variety of reasons — security, property management, landscaping, etc.

If you?re trying to decide which types of fences are appropriate for your business, here are a few things you should keep in mind.


Do you plan on painting your fence every few years — or hiring someone to paint it for you? If this sounds like a maintenance headache, then white picket fences (or any type of painted or stained wooden fence) might not be the right choice for you — they?re going to require a bit more care over the years, not only so that they last long but so that they don?t look shabby and misrepresent your company as well. Vinyl fences, by contrast, require little maintenance — you might need to hose them down if they get a little mossy.


If you?re worried about the price of your investment, there?s a wide range out there. Keep in mind that if you buy a cheap fence, but it only has an average lifespan half that of other types, you?re not really saving much in the long run. Wood tends to be the cheapest per foot, costing about $12 per foot (the height of your fence will impact the price), vinyl costs around $20, and wrought iron will run you around $25. Of course, the exact prices will vary widely depending on where you buy them, the difficulty of installation, etc., but as a general rule, wood costs less.


If you?re just looking for a fence that provides extra security for your perimeter that customers aren?t likely to see — such as a warehouse, or the very back of a restaurant — then something like a chain link fence might be ideal. It lasts a long time and provides a reasonable barrier. On the other hand, if you want to impress your customers and need something that?s going to be on display, wood or wrought iron might be more appropriate for the space.

What sort of fencing do you think is appropriate for your business? Keep these tips in mind and you should be okay! Great references here.

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