4 Things that a Front Door Becomes to a Family

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Front doors are the eye to the home. They are not just the way in and out. There should be careful consideration as to what type of entry door you want for your home. There are so many different materials and types available nowadays that you could pick from anything, but there are several considerations about front doors before you make that decision. Let’s go over a few of the things that front doors are.

  1. The First Impression
    When you invite someone into your home, the first thing they are going to see, close up, is your front door as they knock and wait for you to open it. Because of this, you want your front door to be inviting and warm and friendly unless you don’t want your guests to feel at home. Your guests may not consciously your door but their subconscious will and that will set the general tone of the evening. If your door is cold and uninviting, your guests may feel a little awkward as first as they walk into the home and you will have to work at some ice breaking skills to warm up the party. However, if you have a beautiful and welcoming door, this could put them as ease to enjoy themselves as soon as they walk inside.

  2. The First Line of Defense
    Many thieves will try to break into a house simply by turning the handle on the front door and walking in. So many people forget to lock their front doors and thieves know this and take advantage. Your front door is your first line of defense against unwanted guests and you should always keep them locked, whether you are at home or not. At least have a screen door or protective door in front of your front door that can remain locked even if you open your actual front door to allow in some fresh air. Don’t take for granted that your house will not be chosen because if you leave it unlocked often enough, it may happen. The material of your door should also be sturdy and secure. Wood and steel are the best choices for safety while glass is not that great of a defense.

  3. The Story Teller
    Front doors say a lot about a home. They are not often updated and so they can tell what era the home was made and the wear and tear on them can show how the home has been taken care of. If you have lived in your home awhile and have children, marks and dings and dirt can show signs of life inside the home that are actually emotional to clean off. Your front door conceals the quality of life behind it but just by looking at the choice of material and the type of door it is, you can tell what kind of personality the residents have and what kind of life they have chosen for themselves.
  4. A Breath of Fresh Air
    Have you ever been away on a long trip and have been just so excited to get home and get it all over with? Then, the moment you pull up in front of your house and see your front door, waiting for you, it’s almost like an old friend that you have missed and are elated to see. Your children will come to recognize the front door and it can almost become part of the family. Passing through the front door and kicking off your shoes in the entry way is so refreshing. Just that feeling of being home, whether it’s been a long trip away or simply a day of running errands; being able to shut the door behind you is a symbol of shutting out the rest of the world and settling down to enjoy your family and your personal life in the solitude of your own home.

So, don’t underestimate the important of a front door. Choose the right one for you and your family and let it become one of you. If you do need to replace your front door then make sure it is done carefully and with love. If front doors could talk, oh, the things they would say and the stories they could tell!

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