Keep Your Carpet Looking Great With these Tips

Do you have carpets in your home? Most people in the United States do. It covers nearly 70% of the floors in the country. According to Houzz, nearly 40% of homeowners say they like their bedrooms to have carpeting. The question is then, how do you keep your rugs looking the way they do in carpet stores?

Carpet Stores Tips for Maintenance and Cleaning
Deep clean them on a regular basis. You should vacuum often but then every now and then it is worth it to hire a carpet company to do a very thorough cleaning of all your carpets. This will remove dirt, dust, danger and germs. This is especially crucial for people who have asthma or other breathing problems.

Fight stains with a few common household items.
Ice: If you have ever gotten gum stuck anywhere, like in your hair, you probably know that the best trick is to freeze it. That makes it less sticky and easy to remove. All you need to do with your carpet is place an ice cube on top. After the gum is frozen, you can use a spoon to peel it off the carpet strands. You may have to cut a little off but it will not be noticeable.

Shaving cream: This works wonders on most stains. Using it is as simple as spray, let set and then blot it away. The stain should lift up easily. For basic stains, let the cream sit for about 30 minutes. Wait longer for stains that resist being removed. You can try this more than once.

Hydrogen peroxide will remove blood. You do not have to be a serial killer to want to get a blood stain out of your carpet. Pour it directly on the stain and then blot it clean with towels. If you have  a lot of it, try to remove any crusted blood before you add the hydrogen peroxide. The compound should foam a but when it gets in contact with the blood but do not worry about that.

Get rid of wax with your iron. Place a paper towel on the area affected and a cloth on the iron. Heat the iron to a low to medium setting and iron the floor. The wax will melt and stick to the towel. Be careful about heating the iron too much or leaving it on the carpet too long as either can burn the carpet.

Protect your carpets and the environment at the same time. Many experts from carpet stores agree that using organic compounds to remove pet stains are better for your carpets than harsh chemicals, which damage both the carpet and are bad for the environment. If you have pets, at some point they will make a mess. Using these products can extend the life of your flooring. Many of these products also work with more human stains like coffee and wine.

Like most floor options, if cared for properly, carpets can last and look fresh from the carpet stores for decades. Preventing stains is often the best way but as you live in a home and not a museum, having plans to deal with spills, stains and other issues will help keep your home looking great for years.

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