There Could Be Mutant Turtles in Your Sewer and Other Things You Should Know


Though it is certainly not something very glamorous to think about or to deal with, making sure that your home sewer system is in proper working order and up to date is crucial to the happiness and functionality of your every day life. While you may not know the first thing about sewers, scheduling a sewer inspection and any subsequent repairs will make things much more pleasant in the long run, not only due to the reduced amount of hassle for you, but for anyone in the surrounding area as well. Sewers that are in poor condition or that are causing problems are not something that can easily be hidden or ignored.

Managing your sewer system
While it is a major part of our everyday routines, the inner workings of the sewer system running underfoot is not a topic that many people know much about in depth. So what steps should be taken to obtain the confidence and peace of mind that you won’t be coming home to a mess or non-working bathroom, for example? You would do well to consult a professional or two, to get an idea of what you should be looking for or aware of. They would be able to tell you that while there are many factors that affect sewers, you would be wise to consider replacing the system if your sewer is older than 40 years old. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Plus, if it has been so long since anyone has had a long in the pipes, it may be worth checking, just to see if you’ve gained any mutant turtles.

When it’s time to replace your sewer system
If it does turn out to be the end of the road for your current sewer system, you have some options in digging it up and putting in a new one. Many people believe that the only choice is to dig up everything, not just the pipes but the yard and other important lines running underground to the house. But a relatively new method is growing in popularity. Trenchless sewer repair usually begins with a video inspection that shows exactly what needs to be moved or left, so that the least amount of damage possible is inflicted on the surrounding areas and lines. It is often referred to as “no dig” sewer repair, as it involves inserting a flexible tube into the damaged one and bursting or pulling it out before inserting the new one, all from one dig site, as opposed to digging up the entire length of the sewer line. While trenchless options, as the newer, more technologically advanced choice, are more expensive than traditional digs, by anywhere from 30% to 50%, homeowners could potentially still be saving money in the long run by not having to pay for all the restoration for the yard and areas surrounding the sewer that would have otherwise been damaged or ruined. In fact, trenchless pipe replacement can save 90% or even more of the surface areas such as driveways and landscaping from being torn up. It also avoids damaging any nearby water, gas and electrical lines.

So maybe there are not any turtles that happen to be mutants in their teen years learning the ninja way in your sewer lines. But you should probably check into the current state of your sewer system anyway.

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