Why We Should Care For Our Environment


Taking care of the environment is something that we are all responsible for. There are many ways that we can contribute. Being green is not something we do but a way of living. Maybe you are asking yourself why you should even care about the environment. First of all, the only way to live a healthy life with clean air is through a clean environment and don’t forget that we are not only cleaning the air and our world for ourselves but for our kids and our kids’ kids. The truth is, this is our home and we should take pride in where we live. Here’s a few ways that we can take care of our world.

  1. Driving releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is very harmful to us humans who have to breathe it in. Try walking places or riding a bike. This is the best way to cut down on the carbon dioxide released into our planet. While public transportation and car pooling still releases some carbon dioxide, it lessens the amount.
  2. However, we do understand that sometimes it is just not realistic to think we never have to drive so if you must drive, look into buying a more fuel efficient car. There are quite a few environmentally friendly cars that are available to a wide range of budget allowances these days.
  3. Plastic grocery bags are on the worst materials for the planet. The material is not biodegradable, yet people do not put them in recycling bins and either litter with them or put them in other plastic trash bags which are just as bad for the environment. Bring your own cloth bags to collect your goods in and reuse them each time.
  4. Start buying only recyclable items. Either that or products that have been made from recycled material.
  5. Recycle! Yard waste, plastic bags, glass bottles, cans; these and more can be recycled. The more we recycle and reuse, the less we have to take from the planet to make more of what we are wasting.
  6. Composting is not a very well known way to take care of the environment but it is nonetheless important. Making a compost bin in your back yard can reduce yard waste and is a really simple way to help out. Composting improves soil and you can sell it to others even if you don’t plan to use it yourself.
  7. Saving water is a huge one, we know this but lots of us don’t actually do it. Instead of having to pay attention to how many times you have turned on the faucet or how many gallons have been used that week, why not install low flow shower heads and toilets? Only turning on the dishwasher or washing machine when you have full loads will help conserve water, also. Another way to save water is on your sprinkler. Make sure you only water the grass when it needs it. If you let the grass grow a little taller than it will absorb water better and eliminate yard waste that can build up in the roots.
  8. Trees! Who doesn’t love planting trees? Trees are pretty, fun and great for the environment because they absorb carbon dioxide. If you have enough shading your property, you can reduce your electricity bill by not needing as much air conditioning in the summer time.

If we can follow these ideas, several things can being to take place:

  1. The pollution that enters the planet through the soil, water and the air will be reduced.
  2. Carbon dioxide is a type of greenhouse gas emission that is actually one of the significant gases contributed to global warming.
  3. Less waste is always a benefit. Whether it’s yard waste, waste from the home or wasteful emissions from vehicles, if you can reduce it, it’ll help.
  4. On an even bigger spectrum, animals will be saved and less species going extinct.

Just try out a few of these ideas and you could really make a difference the world today and in the future. Every time you recycle, reduce and reuse, you could be saving a life and a planet.

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