How to Diagnose Issues with Your Water Well

In this YouTube video, This Old House presents different components of the well water system that might need water well repair.

Early warning symptoms of well water pump problems include a higher electricity bill and or the well pump coming on more frequently.

Pumps are either submerged at the bottom of the well, pushing water up through the pipes, or are located in the basement of a building pulling water up through the lines. Pumps only come on when water pressure is below a certain threshold.

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If the pump is continually detecting less pressure, there could be an issue with the storage tank.

Well water storage tanks are designed to maintain a careful balance between water levels and the remaining compressed air. As the tanks fill up, the remaining air compresses. When a faucet opens, how fast the water comes through the pipe is a direct cause of the compressed air pressure in the tank.

If the tank is working correctly, it keeps the water pressure high enough not to trigger the pump to activate. If it is not working correctly, the water and air may have mixed, which reduces water pressure, which triggers the pump to activate more often.

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