How To Avoid Bug Bites This Summer

Your skin is so important to your overall health. After all, your skin is actually the largest organ that your body has. Without your skin, the rest of your body would simply have little to no protection. But your skin is not infallible. Not only can not taking care of your skin lead to disease, but it can also lessen the overall appearance of your skin as well.

Consider, of course, the havoc that sun damage can wreak. Sun damage can all too easily lead to cases of skin cancer but can cause things like age spots and wrinkles as well. Sun damage can occur from a sunburn, of course – this most people already know. However, sun damage can actually also occur just from getting a tan too. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to reduce your risk of sun damage and therefore of its unfortunate repercussions.

For one thing, wearing sunscreen should be a daily thing. Even during the winter months, sunscreen should at least be applied to your face. During the summertime, when most of us spend more time outdoors and in direct sunlight, sunscreen is a necessity for children and adults alike. In addition to this, wearing sunglasses, head wear, and protecting clothing can also go a long way in reducing sun damage, as too can staying out of the sun during the period of the afternoon when it is the strongest – typically between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm.

But the sun is not the only threat. Protecting yourself against bug bites is also a must. After all, there are well over 200 million insects living on this planet not in total but for every single human being. Mosquitoes alone have up to 3,000 species – though it is also true that among these species, it is only the female mosquitoes who actually have the mouth parts needed to cause bites and to extract blood from the human being. However, mosquitoes are prevalent in many parts of this country and their bites should be prevented as much as it is humanly possible.

After all, mosquito bites can spread disease both through contact with other blood born pathogens as well as through the transfer of a parasite. The latter is how West Nile Virus is spread, as a matter of fact. Many other diseases can also be transmitted through contact with mosquitoes, so it is clear that mosquito bites are to be avoided. For some people, mosquito bites can even lead to issues with swelling, the bites morphing into welts in those who are particularly sensitive to them. This just adds yet another reason to be wary of the mosquitoes that live in your area.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to prevent such a risk – or at least greatly mitigate it. Something such as a patio screen mesh, made with your average screen mesh material, can go a long way towards keeping you free of bug bites of all kinds. Patio screen mesh is just one of the types of screen for porches, and patio screen mesh can be used for a number of other different things as well. For instance, patio screen mesh can also even be used as window screen supplies, which will allow people to sit with their windows open to bring in the night air – all without letting any bugs of any kind into their home. In addition to this, patio screen mesh and screen enclosure supplies can also be used to create screens for pools. As swimming is actually the fourth most popular athletic activity in all of the United States, this is something of a considerable importance – and any type of fencing around a pool can even prevent another risk, that of drowning. Ultimately, the usefulness of patio screen mesh is not to be underestimated.

In addition to the application of patio screen mesh, even bug spray can go a long way (deet containing or deet free, of course). For many people, a combination of the two is a great way to keep bugs from becoming a problem – and a health risk.

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