Using Peel and Stick Planks to Bring a Natural Look to Your Home Decor

Humans have used wood as a building material for thousands of years. The look and feel of natural wood speaks to us of comfort and safety. While our homes nowadays are made mostly from manmade materials, it’s still possible to bring the natural look into your home with peel and stick paneling made from natural wood. In fact you can pick from a wide range of colors and styles to add the warmth, elegance and comfort of wood paneling to any space.

Bringing nature into your home
Even though we talk of saving the trees, the truth is that trees have sheltered and provided for us humans for thousands of years. They have given us food, shelter and clothing and at some deep subconscious level, we recognize this. The deep connection we feel to trees is expressed in the preference most people have for furniture and home fixtures made from natural. While most of our homes and their interiors are now made from manufactured materials, there are still ways to bring the look and feel of natural wood into your home.
Stick on wood panels are an easy to way to bring that rustic, cozy look to any room in your house. You can get shiplap panels in a variety of designs and colors to create any kind of natural decor indoors. These can range from the look of reclaimed wood to plain white to glossy dark woods.

Giving your home a new look
Redecorating your home with peel and stick wood panels can give it an entirely new look and feel. From elegant Georgian wood paneling to rustic boards, you can find different kinds of looks for every room from the living room to the den. Plain white boards on the walls can give any room the clean, fresh look that we associate with holiday by the sea.
Installing peel and stick paneling on a single wall can add an interesting accent to a guest bedroom, entryway or dining room. In fact, many interior designers recommend changing the decor of a room every five to ten years. This allows you to incorporate all the ways in which you’ve changed and grown into your living spaces. You can use hardwood peel and stick paneling to express your connection to nature and trees.

Peel and stick wood wall: how it works
Peel and stick paneling consists of self-adhesive wood planks that can be used on most indoor walls and surfaces. The self adhering wall planks are easy to install and care for, and add character to any space. They are finished with non-toxic products like low-VOC paints, which make them suitable for use in children’s rooms and nurseries as well. Because they are made from natural wood, shiplap planks have patterns, knots, and swirls that you can match up to create a harmonious design.
Peel and stick paneling may not be suitable doe high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens, and it can only be used indoors. Once installed, it’s easy to keep clean and will last for years. In fact, if wood is cared for properly and protected from rot, it can last for hundreds of years.

Peel and stick paneling made from real hardwoods lets you bring the forest into your home. The range of natural looks adds warmth, elegance and coziness to any room. Shiplap planks are easy to install and care for, and practical as well as decorative.

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