How Can You Move a Piano on Your Own

This video discusses the best way to move a piano. It shows how to lift the piano to get it up on a dolly. He says that even if you are strong enough to lift and hold one side of the piano, you should not do it that way. The presenter in the video uses a basketball that he inflates with a pump to lift up each side individually. The video shows his daughter using a manual air tire pump to pump the basketball.

Video Source

Once it is inflated, the left side of the piano is raised. Once lifted, you can slide wood blocks under it to hold it up. The blocks should be higher than the dolly to make it easy to slide under it. Then the deflated basketball is moved to the other side. The video then shows his daughter pumping up the basketball to lift up the right side of the piano. Once the piano is high enough, he slides the wood blocks under it. Then he slides the dolly under the piano. Once the dolly is under the piano, it can be moved anywhere, including RV storage.

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