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As consumers become more aware of new methods that companies are using to reduce their environmental impact, there’s an increasing amount of pressure on businesses to conform to these standards. Companies are taking serious strides to reduce their carbon footprints, and customers are taking note of which businesses put little effort into their sustainability. If you have a business that’s looking to go ‘green,’ here are a few ways your company can reduce their environmental impact.

Redesign Your Packaging

Bulky packaging can be a big source of waste for a business. Businesses looking to become more eco-friendly should take their product’s packaging design into consideration. Take a minute to look over your current product’s packaging: Is it unnecessarily large? Does it use a lot of materials? If any of these are a ‘yes,’ your company may want to consider investing in flexible packaging. The flexible packing industry uses special, recyclable materials to create sustainable packaging for a company’s product. These materials include aluminum, plastic, and paper.

Buy Local

Buying local is a great way to get involved with the community, while also reducing the impact you make on the environment. Buying from a local supplier ensures that your supplies will reach your business in a quick manner, and also reduces carbon emissions that come from transportation. In addition, buying local gives you an advantage with customers, and gives your business a more ‘community’ feel.

Use Solar Power

Many modern businesses are switching to sustainable energy systems, such as solar power. Commercial solar power utilizes the energy from the sun, which is constantly beaming down onto the surface of the Earth. This makes it one of the best practices for renewable energy. Commercial solar power can turn your business from an energy hog to a self-sustaining energy generating building. And for those who worry about solar power costs, you might be surprised to hear that solar services can actually save you money in the long run, through reduced electricity bills and tax deductions.

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