Three Crucial Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

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Choosing a real estate agent is a difficult but all too necessary part of the house hunting process. In fact, not many do it alone these days. In a recent survey from 2014, results showed that almost 90% (88%) of buyers found and purchased their home with the help of a real estate agent or broker. And in another survey 98% of individuals who used a real estate agent for the house hunting process viewed them as a valuable resource for information.
Finding a good real estate agent isn’t hard these days, considering that there are almost 2 million licensed real estate agents within the United States alone. But once you have found local real estate agents, how can you be sure that they’re the one? The best way to do so is by asking them the following three questions:
Three Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents

  1. How long have you been practicing real estate?
    Knowing about your potential agent’s experience is crucial. This means asking not only about how many years they’ve been practicing, but also the volume of clientele they’ve serviced. Choosing a real estate agent that has served clients with similar needs is important.
  2. What kinds of properties and areas do you typically area?
    This question requires that you know personally what kind of properties you’re looking for. If the agent, for example, primarily deals with multi-million dollar estates and you’re looking for a simple two bedroom cottage, you may want to find someone who understands the market you’re seeking.
  3. How do you plan to communicate with me?
    While this question may seem weird, real estate is a quickly developing world. One lost moment could mean a property has already been taken. That being said, it’s crucial to establish very clear lines of communication with your agent. That way, finding a property that works for you will happen in a way that fits both of your schedules.

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