Great Ways to Stay Cool During Summer

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With summer not far away, it’s time to start thinking about how we are going to stay cool over the hot months. Here are some ideas for staying comfortable whether it been air conditioners or water.

Swimming pools

This is a fairly obvious option. Who doesn’t love a good splash in the water during the summer. Swimming in cool water lowers the body temperature especially if you are willing to get your head wet. However, you can’t stay in the pool at all times, unfortunately and that much exposure to the sun is not good for you. Make sure you wear sunscreen whenever you are swimming or out in the sun at all.


If you are lucky enough to have a beach near you, it is probably the coolest area of your town. Of course, you can get in the ocean and chances are you’ll cool down immediately but even if you don’t feel like actually getting into the ocean, there’s still a way to stay cool. Winds are heavier at the beach and can lift spray from the ocean, blow it across the beach and help the cool down the atmostphere. Not only that but the beach is a great place to be relaxed and stress free and let your brain calm down for just a little while, which is turn slows your heart beat, bringing down your temperature.

Air conditioning

Air conditioners are the best way to stay cool. You should gett AC maintenance done now on your home and any vehicles you will be driving through tout the summer. Air conditioning services are available throughout the year even during the months where your AC is not being used. If you don’t happen to have any air conditioners in your home or car, don’t worry. You can always go and hang out at restaurants, malls or even go see a movie to get out of the heat. Most of the places we go have air conditioning in them so really, going anywhere will be helpful. Even if you sit outside an air conditioned building in the shade, the walls of the building themselves will be cooler and if you lean against them, you can feel the breeze bouncing off the cool walls better.


This one has to be included because it’s just pure fun. Running through sprinklers not only keeps the heat off you but it brings back the memory and nostalgia of being a care free kid! If you have kids or nieces and nephews, you will be the adult of the year for letting them run through sprinklers at the park or in your back yard. However, understandbly this is not a very practical way to keep cool day by day.


Did you know that the type of clothes you wear can help? Not just not wearing sweaters and scarves, but the material of the shorts and tank tops you wear. Cotton absorbs the least amount of heat keeping your skin free of inhibiting fabric. Wearing dark colors attract the sun more so try and stay with light colored cotton clothes, the looser the better. When clothes are tight to your skin they cover pours and don’t move, heating up your internal temperature. This is probably the easiest and most practical way to stay cool as much as possible.

Stay hydrated

Our bodies are made up of 75% water and in the summer we sweat more, losing more water than we do in the winter. Replacing that water is imperative to maintaining internal temperatures. If you freeze your water bottles, once you take them outside, you can stay hydrated while the water melts slowly, staying cold longer. There are ideas out there that say drinking a hot drink on a hot day can cool you down by making you sweat, which is the body’s best way of cooling itself down. However, if you are going to employ this method, ensure that you are drinking enough water to replenish your body.

Whether you have access to air conditioners or are planning to just try freezing your water, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer months without getting stressed out because of the heat.

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