7 Fence Styles for Your Dream Home

Commercial gate

With so many fence styles to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on just one fence type for your home. Privacy and security are the most common reasons that people want to buy homes. The right type of fence can enhance not on the privacy and security but the overall look of your home. Let’s take a look at some of the commercial and residential fence styles that are available.

Wood fencing
A wood fence design is probably the most popular of the fence styles. The thick slats can be made to your preference of height and give a great sense of privacy. The great thing about wood fences is that they are very homey and welcoming while still sealing off the boundaries of your property.

Keep in mind, however, that the larger and higher your fence is, the more expensive it will be. The more lumber that is needed the more pricier the project will become. Even though wood fences can take a while to install and end up being a little costly, they can easily last the entire lifespan of your home if you use a good quality wood. There are so many different types of wood fences that you could have designed, it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Aluminum fencing
This is probably the most basic of fencing styles. The large spacing in an aluminum fence does not provide a lot of security or privacy that you may want in the fence but it is very easy to upkeep and still does a great job of marking the perimeter of property. Aluminum fencing is more of an ‘appearance’ fence than a functional one. While any fence deters trespassers, this one can easily be climbed.

PVC fencing
This is definitely the least expensive way to install a fence in your yard. PVC is used in place of wooden slats and although they’re not as sturdy, they can get the same look and purpose as wood. PVC can be attached with adhesive or screws and comes in a variety of types and colors. Although not as strong as wood, a PVC fence is still very resistant and can last for years. This is the recommended fence for those who want a nice looking, modern fence but do not want to spend the money that real wood requires. PVC can be built to have the same look as a wood fence.

Vinyl fencing
Vinyl fencing is pretty elite because it is almost five times stronger and four times more flexible than wood. Vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance free and cleans very easily with just water and soap. This is a very good option for people with children because you don’t have to worry about anything happening to the fence.

Price wise, a vinyl fence may have more initial costs but because of how low maintenance the fence is and how long it will last it will end up paying for itself in the long run, essentially making it less expensive than other fences in the end.

Chain link fence
This is a fairly basic fence usually used in more commercial areas like schools or businesses because it is not the most attractive of fence styles. It offers little to no privacy and in and of itself no security, but measures can be taken to add security to a chain link fence such as electricity.

Wrought iron fence
These type of fences require the most maintenance. They may be strong and look good but they have to be sanded and then repainted every two or three years which can be a hassle.

Bamboo fences
Bamboo is probably the most modern type of fencing. One of the things that make it so attractive is how environmentally friendly it is because it is grown naturally. Live bamboo, bamboo cane and rolled bamboo can all be used to make a sturdy bamboo fence. It can be not only attractive but secure, because bamboo is hard to climb and private, because it’s hard to see through.

There are many more types of fences, but this should give you a really great place to start.

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