Four Ways to Use Sheer Curtains In Your Home

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When it comes to choosing the right window treatments for your home, few choices are as timeless as sheer curtains. This simple, breezy choice can be paired with almost any type of decor to create a clean, dreamy effect. In fact, sheer curtains don’t even have to be hung around your windows, although many homeowners love how easy they are to install; instead, you can use them in a variety of different ways around your house. Read on to learn about some of the many ways you can use sheer curtains around your home!

Layer Them With Other Window Treatments
If you love the heavy, luxurious look of draperies but are worried that your rooms will look too dark, simply use light, sheer curtains as an underlayer: this will help give you privacy while maximizing natural light, especially if you tie back the drapes. Sheer curtains can also soften wood blinds and add some contrast to indoor shutters. Just remember to create some contrast and avoid using too many layers, as this will create an overwhelming look instead of the simple style you are trying to create.

Create a Bed Canopy or a Makeshift Headboard
If you want to add some visual interest to your sleeping area or even reduce the morning glare, sheer curtains can be extremely useful and beautiful. There are many ways to achieve this look: you can splurge on a four poster bed, create a handmade canopy by attaching the curtains to a spot on the ceiling, or simply push your bed against a window and hang curtains on either side. You can also attach a curtain rod roughly the same size or slightly larger than your bed to a wall and hang curtains or drapes from this, creating a luxurious headboard-like feature.

Cover Up a Doorway
Long the favorite of renters and homeowners who lack privacy, hanging sheer curtains in front of doorways adds a touch of sophistication while offering a bit of extra coverage. While often used in front of french or glass doors, you can try this almost anywhere you can hang a curtain rod. In fact, families may benefit from this option the most: both parents and children will be able to keep their door open while still taking a break from the hubbub in other areas of the house.

Add Some Flair to Your Porch
While definitely meant for summer, and probably not the best choice for rainy areas, sheer curtains are a great stylistic choice for porches, patios and other outdoor spaces. The fabric frames your view of your yard, creates a tropical feel and can provide a little extra privacy if necessary. Just remember to pull the curtains inside if it rains and take them down when the weather turns cold.

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