Three Basic Safety Tips for Working With Aerial Lifts

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Aerial lifts are essential for a number of different construction jobs, but it’s important that they’re used properly. Since they’re specialized pieces of equipment, it’s crucial that your crew is qualified and ready to handle using them. Safety should be the biggest concern when it comes to construction work to begin with, but there are a number of risks involved when using aerial lift equipment. Here are three basic tips for starting to ensure aerial lift safety for your team.

1. OSHA Training
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is pretty much the authority on occupational safety, and the organization offers a number of different safety and training classes. Since these training sessions and certifications do cost money, it helps to look for candidates that have the proper aerial lift training requirements when you’re hiring. If not, make sure some, if not all, of your crew gets the proper formal aerial boom lift training and aerial lift certification.

2. Safety Equipment
Training is important, but if your crew doesn’t have the right safety equipment, that doesn’t matter. You need to make sure that everyone on your crew has the proper basic equipment before you allow them to work, or provide it for them. Hard hats, safety glasses, harnesses, and anything else should be available without exception.

3. Designated Operators
If you don’t want to pay for training for your entire crew, choose a couple of people and designate them to be the operators. This way, they can be trained in using different types of aerial lifts without your having to break the bank training the whole team. Additionally, the more they work using the lift, the more skilled they will get in using it.

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