Floating Shelves Are a Great Addition to Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel can get costly, about 40%-50% of that cost is attributed to new kitchen cabinets. While kitchen cabinets can last for up to 50 years (making them a great investment) you do have other options that may be less expensive. With the right floating shelf hardware, you can get that popular rustic farmhouse chic look, while keeping some money in your pocket.

Floating shelves are a great way to add kitchen storage space and have other benefits as well. The right floating shelf mounting hardware will ensure that your shelves are sturdy and ready to hold all your kitchen items. Learn more about the advantages of replacing all or some of your kitchen cabinets with open floating shelving.

Open the Space Up

In a smallish kitchen it is important that you use visuals to make it seem larger. The right floating shelf hardware can come in handy in a small kitchen space. Floating shelves make a small space seem larger.

Bulky cabinets even with the cutest knobs and pulls cannot give that open airy feeling that floating shelves can. Some homeowners use a combination of cabinetry and floating shelves in their kitchen to deliver the aesthetic that they are going for.

Get More Use Out of Wasted Space

Floating shelves can be a great option for those little-used corner spaces. Kitchens can be overflowing with gadgets, tools, dinnerware, and more. Setting up shelving in an unused corner (as an addition to your cabinetry) can add storage space in areas that are typically wasted.

Make Them More Functional

Some homeowners are worried they will not get the same function out of floating shelves that they get out of cabinetry. They worry that they will not be able to keep the floating shelves neat. Here is a tip. When you purchase your floating shelf hardware, purchase kitchen organizers at the same time. Consider baskets, and other organizing tools to keep everything neat and tidy on your shelving.

Consider the Possibilities

There is a lot to be said for beautiful cabinetry in the kitchen, but do not discount the personality that floating shelves can add to your kitchen, bath, or any area of your home. Start off with high-quality floating shelf hardware and you can create the storage space that you need and the aesthetic that you want.

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