Are You Using Your Garage to its Best Advantage? Making Great Spaces Outside

Install window screen

The newest craze for homeowners is garage conversion, intended to maximize outdoor living space. Garages can be cleaned out, wired for electricity and running water, and used as a “man cave” or children’s play area.

Many enthusiastic gardeners are utilizing their garages as a greenhouse/plant starting area, and some homeowners are removing the garage doors entirely to make way for retractable screen doors.

Retractable screens can be utilized to circulate air through a garage without removing the main door itself. Fiberglass screens are designed to last more than a decade and can block up to three-fourths of streaming ultraviolet light. Aluminum is also a very common material used to make retractable oversized screens for garages.

What is appealing to homeowners is the additional space that becomes available when they decide to transform a garage into habitable space. A garage that has had french doors installed can be used as an extra apartment for in-laws or adult children. A retractable screen door for french doors is then installed as a way to get more air into a space that may not have been designed with many windows.

An easy to install retractable screen door is typically made with under 15 screws and takes under half an hour to install for a homeowner who is used to handling tools. Custom retractable screen doors are also becoming more available and can be searched online. Not only do these screens keep bugs out of living spaces, but a pet resistant screen can be installed to prevent unwanted visitors from the outside.

Whether the garage is converted into a pool room, an apartment, a gardener’s haven, or a movie room, french doors are an attractive option for replacing a garage door. A retractable screen door for french doors block sunlight, insects, and outdoor pests and be an attractive, customizable option for a homeowner who wants an extra room to add to the house.

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