Is Your Home Energy Efficient? Get With It

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Building a home comes with a slew of personal responsibilities. For example, a safe and structurally sound home is integral to keeping you and your family safe and comfortable for years to come. But what about energy efficiency? While many don’t realize it, having an energy efficient home is becoming essential in today’s environmentally-minded and cost conscious world. In fact, it’s projected that by 2018. 84% of homes within the United States will be considered “green”.
Having an energy efficient home saves homeowners a great deal of money. New homes with energy efficient appliances and practices consume 21% less energy for heating and cooling, and save up to 30% on energy bills. In fact, if everyone in the United States met these green practices, more that $171 million could be saved annually.
So what makes energy efficient homes green? In order for brand new homes to meet an energy star, LEED, or green rating, they need to meet a series of parameters.
Here are ways to make your home, old or new, more energy efficient:

  • Plant a Tree
    Trees offer a slew of psychological benefits for those who have them in their yard. Trees produce oxygen, making us feel calm, relaxed, and happy. And believe it or not, trees offer a great deal of energy efficient and residential benefits, too. Did you know that planting a tree on the West side of your home can accumulate to a great deal of air conditioning savings over the course of 15 years? These natural energy savers also work as natural sound pollution deterrents.
  • Weatherize, Weatherize, Weatherize
    Weatherization is an important practice that can help keep your family comfortable, and keep your energy consumption rate and costs as low as possible. Weatherization means weatherproofing dream homes through means of sealing possible areas where the outdoor elements can get in. For example, sealing air ducts, drafty spaces like attics and basements, and buying proper windows and doors are all examples of practicing proper weatherization.
  • Apply(ance) Yourself
    When your home’s appliances are out of date or not properly installed, they run the risk of running poorly and inefficiently. This is a great waste of energy that can hike your utility Energy star rated appliances make dream homes as energy efficient as possible!

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