A Metal Roof Can Help You Save Money, Stay Warm And Conserve Energy Here’s How


It’s time to batten down the hatches. Winter is here and with it all the storms, snow and rain that make houses crumple right before your very eyes. People who live in more high-risk areas (such as the far West coast or East coast) could stand to invest in a little roof repair. Your roof is one of the primary areas of defense against bad weather, keeping you sheltered as well as warm when the season takes a turn for the worse. Homeowners are spending 60% more on home improvements this year than just the year before.

Learn from your peers and professionals by getting a bigger picture. How can you bring the best out of your home?

Homeowners spruce up their homes on a rolling basis. It’s also common for homeowners to wait until their roof or storage sheds become damaged before taking action. A Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey conducted earlier this year found the three most popular outdoor structures to be decks, fencing and pergolas. Metal roofing is also rising in popularity for its recyclable materials, eco-friendly qualities and very long lifespan. Let’s be a little more proactive this year instead of waiting for the worst to roll by.

Do you regularly garden or complete do-it-yourself outdoor projects? Then you’ll want to bolster your storage sheds. It’s demoralizing to invest in high-quality equipment only to see it succumb to water damage or mold build-up after a bad storm. A good shed should fit seamlessly with all your other outdoor furniture. A common way to determine your space needs is to take measurements with an additional 25% for potential future renovations. This is prudent not just for gardeners, but those who actively maintain their lawn or invite over company for the weekend.

As of now storage sheds are ranked number eight on the 2017 most popular outdoor structure. It’s also popular for homeowners to seek out matching gazebos to give their backyard or patio a more unified look, so take time when approaching this decision. There are seven types of gazebos to choose from (from pavilions to kiosks) and the market has never looked better for storage sheds. Your shed should not just be beautiful, but thick enough and hardy enough to stand strong against all sorts of weather damage.

What separates a good roof from a mediocre one? It’s all in the materials. Metal roofing can last for 50 years or more with simple maintenance. What qualifies as maintenance? Patching up leaks, checking for cracks and solving any minor issues before they become expensive problems. Your roof should be looked over by a roofing contractor once or twice per year, especially if you life in an area known for intense winters. A good roof needs to help maintain your home’s temperature, shrug off heavy snow build-up and reduce leaks.

You can even save money on your energy bill. That’s music to anyone’s ears, huh? A metal roof has been proven to shave off 25% from your annual home energy bill by trapping temperature and encouraging what’s known as ‘heat retention’. For those that want the full range of benefits, a window or door inspection can also assist with creating a cozier home. All this and more can be completed by an experienced roofing contractor. They’ll look over your home with a critical eye and offer you a handful of ideas for making this winter better than all the ones that came before.

Why wait? Save money a year or two from now by investing in a little touch-up.

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