Beyond The Obvious: The Repulsive Reasons To Clean Your Air Ducts

Your home’s air ducts need to be kept clean so that you can get the full benefits from your HVAC system. A local air duct cleaning company will help you get them in amazing shape and can address the issues they may be experiencing. As a result, you’ll notice that you may pay lower energy bills. The professionals can tell you when the best time of year to clean air ducts is and more. You could benefit even more if you find the air duct & dryer vent specialty cleaners in your area that offer additional services.

If there’s someone in your home who suffers from allergies, you might have heard that cleaning the air ducts is the best way for you to keep them to a minimum. You may feel as if allergies worse after duct cleaning, however, this may just be because of all of the dirt and dust that’s exposed in the area during the process. It’s important to have the right information about duct cleaning so you can make the most informed decisions possible. Searching for something like “Can you clean fiberglass ductwork” will keep you adequately informed and help you find the appropriate solution to address your concerns. Be sure to reach out to local companies in your area if you’re feeling uncertain about your ducts or the cleaning process.

To ensure that your home stays safe and clean, you need to enlist reliable duct cleaning services in your area. These should do a fast and thorough job that will ensure you don’t have to deal with the issues that arise from having a dirty HVAC. The experts should be professional enough to let you know things like what to do with pets during duct cleaning and also offer you an HVAC duct catalog if you’d like to replace your current ducts.

If you’re asking yourself questions like “Can dirty air ducts cause allergies?” the answer to this is that they actually can. As a result, when you keep your ducts clean, you’ll also be securing your family’s health. You’ll make the environment comfortable for anyone who may be sensitive or have seasonal allergies.

Remember to follow the maintenance and service schedule that the professionals suggest for you. This will improve your odds of minimizing HVAC breakdowns and other issues like these. You can also lower your energy expenditure as your unit will run optimally and without consuming a lot of power in the house. All of these benefits that you stand to get from simply keeping your ducts clean should show you why it’s important to keep up with this task.

HVAC maintenanceYour HVAC system is your main source of comfort when it comes to your home life. Because your family’s comfort means everything to you, it’s important that when you’re performing your system’s routine HVAC maintenance that you’re not just ensuring that the system is functioning, but that you’re also keeping the air ducts clean.

Keeping the air ducts of your system clean may seem like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised by just how often a homeowner will leave their HVAC system to the mercy of dust. If you don’t clean your air ducts every three to five years, there are some potentially harmful things that can happen:

  1. Allergens can make you sick
    When you leave your air ducts alone to collect dust and dirt, these potential allergens can build up in your system and release them into the air in your home. This is often why those suffering from spontaneous asthma symptoms are often asked whether or not their air conditioning system is a forced air system. If you’re suffering from itchy, watery eyes and it isn’t allergy season, you may want to check the air ducts on your HVAC system.
  2. You may be breathing in more than allergens
    If the idea of breathing in dust and dander doesn’t gross you out, the idea of breathing in air that’s been filtered through the dander and feces of pests certainly will. Pests can invade your home from anywhere, but many insects and rodents typically like the easy access your HVAC system’s air ducts provide. As a result, when these air ducts aren’t clean these pests aren’t taken care of and their resulting feces and dander stay up there in the ducts.
  3. Your walls can become discolored
    When you fail to clean the drain channels of your HVAC system, this can result in a rise in humidity in your home. This may not sound like much of a problem, but over time as your walls and floor collect the moisture from the air they can both become discolored.

Providing routine HVAC maintenance on your system may maintain the life of your system, but without cleaning the air ducts professionally by an HVAC company you may as well not perform HVAC maintenance at all. To keep your system working at its top performance and to ensure that the air your family is breathing isn’t filled with allergens, be sure to clean your air ducts every three to five years for the best efficiency possible.

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