4 Reasons Any Homeowner Should Consider a Metal Roof

When it’s time for a roofing upgrade, consider metal roof installation by your local roofing professionals. But can you put metal roofs on flat roof systems? Absolutely, it’s a viable option that offers durability and longevity.

If you choose to transition from asphalt shingles to metal roof systems, you’re making a wise choice. Metal roofs are more durable and energy-efficient, providing long-term savings and environmental benefits. When you overlap roofing with a metal roof, you create a robust and weather-resistant barrier that can stand up to even the harshest conditions.

With the variety of metal roofing options available, finding the right one for your home is essential. Consider factors like style, color, and maintenance requirements to ensure you choose the perfect fit for your needs. While metal roofs are known for their classic appearance, there are copper roof alternatives you should consider. These alternatives can provide a unique and elegant look to your home while still reaping the benefits of metal roofing.

So, if you’re contemplating a roofing upgrade, don’t hesitate to explore metal roof installation. Trust your local roofing professionals to guide you through the process and help you make the best choice for your home’s protection and aesthetics. Contact your local metal roof pros today to get started!


roofing shinglesFor homeowners looking for more unconventional and unique roofing shingles, the roofing industry is seeing a significant influx of metal roofing with a 5.8% CAGR. This may be because metal roofs are incredibly durable with low maintenance and a lifespan of over 30 years depending on the climate.

For those still on the fence, or should we say the roof, regarding whether or not to install metal roofing rather than traditional roofing shingles, here are some of the most beneficial reasons to make the switch.

    1. Metal roofs weigh less
       Surprisingly, a metal roof actually weighs less than your traditional asphalt shingles or tile. Concrete tile typically weighs up to 900 lbs per square of installation whereas most types of metal roofing shingles weigh only 150 lbs at most and 50 lbs at least! In fact, metal roofing is so lightweight in comparison to other roofing shingles, that it can be added to existing roofing materials as a form of structural support.


    1. Metal roofs can be installed quickly
      Metal roofing may not be your mother’s Spanish tile, but that isn’t a bad thing. Metal roofing can be installed incredibly quickly because it comes in panels that are 12 to 36 inches wide or in multiple-shingle sections. This is especially advantageous if you need to work quickly in the event of severe storms or even minimal rain. The faster the roof installation, the less damage is caused to the inside of the house.


    1. Metal roofs increase energy efficiency
       Metal conducts heat and the same is true for metal roofs. When the sun shines down on your home, your metal shingles will reflect the rays and reduce the amount of heat absorbed into your home. Therefore, you’ll be saving money on your air conditioning, keeping it in your pocket instead of in the hands of your electric company.


  1. Metal roofs fight back against snow and rain
    Metal roofing is considerably weather-resistant when it comes to the snow and rain because of the interlocking panels. The metal itself, because of its smooth yet durable service, also allows for rain and snow to easily slide off rather than build up.

While metal roofing may have some drawbacks such as how stubborn the roofing shingles can be when it comes to modifications, metal roofing is certainly a great choice as a roofing replacement. With the correct maintenance and roofing repair when needed, your metal roof can last you decades.

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