Five of the Best Backyard Improvements to Make this Spring

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Right now is the perfect time to plan your outdoor landscaping design. The planning process can take many weeks, even months. If you begin planning your design now, you will be ready to begin work come spring. Pull ideas from landscaping magazines, local landscape design firms, and even housing renovation TV shows. These are some of the best landscaping outdoor projects.

Lighted patio and deck seating
It doesn?t matter what specific design you choose for your outdoor design space, you will want to sit back and enjoy it. Make sure you include a large patio seating area that is well lit. The lights will allow you to enjoy your professionally landscaped yard into the night hours. You can entertain guests for a day or night BBQ. Lighting is actually one of the most common backyard designs. According to the 2016 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, the top three most popular outdoor design elements included fire pits and fireplaces (74.9%), lighting (66.6%), and wireless internet connectivity (65.8%). Put a lot of thought and detail into your custom patio installation.

Outdoor kitchen area
Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular. Homeowners are tired of being limited to the BBQ for entertaining. When you build an outdoor kitchen area with an outdoor kitchen designer, you can still BBQ, but you also have the option to use your outdoor oven. You can make perfectly grilled pizzas and any other baked foods. Your guests will enjoy the upscale twist on the traditional grill menu. Work with your outdoor kitchen designer to include all the necessary kitchen components.

Professional landscaping
You want something nice and pretty to look at in your entertaining backyard. Whether your professional landscaped yard includes color flowers, privacy bushes, or other unique landscape designs, using a professional will ensure that the job gets done right. Another benefit to hiring a professional landscaping company is that you can spend more time enjoying your new outdoor area. The average American spends, on average, about 4 hours per week taking care of their lawn. This adds up to an average of 208 hours per year, or over 8 days. Leave the landscaping chores to the professional landscape company.

Upgraded music and entertainment system
What if you could catch up on your favorite TV shows while also enjoying your backyard? What if you could invite your friends and family over for a movie premiere night, while also enjoying the summer weather? Working with an outdoor kitchen designer and entertainment planner, you can install the latest technology into your outdoor area. Much of today?s technology is waterproof and can be connected to your house?s Bluetooth, allowing you to stream the same technology from inside.

Addition of yard games
Yard games have also become popular over the last few years. Games like bags, croquet, and baseball are great friend and family games. These games are sure to entertain your guests at your next event. Although these games do not require any special skills of landscape architects, they do require that you have a professionally maintained lawn area. Keep your need for open space in mind during your landscape planning and landscape construction.

Homeowners enjoy spending time outdoors, as long as their outdoor space is designed for entertainment. Now is a great time to prepare your designs for that outdoor kitchen designer project that you have always wanted. Think about the specific things that will make your outdoor time more enjoyable. Over half of homeowners who are upgrading their outdoor spaces currently spend six or more hours per week there (51%). The most common uses of the space include relaxing, gardening, and entertaining.

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