6 Tips for Conserving Water

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Water is essential to all life on the planet yet about 783 million people lack access to it. In the United States, between 40 and 50% of the water has been listed as threatened or impress. When a body of water can no longer handle one of its key purposes. This translates into it being unfit for human consumption, swimming or fishing (any fish caught in these bodies of water would be unsafe to eat). In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that at least 15 million homes use a residential well. Water well drilling has become common in a lot of the country as farmers and homeowners look for ways to supplement their water supply.

The American population currently uses 2,923 12-oz a of water per person every day. That can be added up to be 79.6 gallons of water each day.

6 Ways to Conserve Water from Water Well Drilling Specialists:

  1. Look for leaks. Many households in the United States have some leaks in their pipes. This is a way an enormous amount of water is lost every day. This is more than just a bad thing for the world but can be very costly. One thing you can do is check with your neighbors to see if your water bill is greater than theirs. If water well drilling has been done on your property, you can still look into your water usage. If you suspect you are using more than you should, have your pipe system looked at for leaks. Make sure any examination includes all the toilets in your home.
  2. Use the toilet for the one purpose it was invented. Every time you flush the toilet, you waste at least eight gallons of water. Do not toss other things into your toilet as a means to throw them away. This means, no you should not flush your dead gold fish down the toilet. Get rid of non-human waste items in another way.
  3. Put in water saving appliances. You can get toilets, washing machines, shower heads and dishwashers that are all tested to use as little water as they need to. This is a great way to cut down on the amount of water you use every day. Another way to get the same result with your toilet is to fill a plastic bottle with water and put that in your toilet’s tank. This will limit the amount of water that the unit needs to full up the tank. This is a cheap and easy water saving technique.
  4. Watch how often you water your grass and wash your car. These activities use a lot of water. This is the main reason many localities in California have restrictions on watering lawns even for people who have had water well drilling done at their home. Some technology allows large organizations, companies and facilities to reuse rain water to reach this goal. You can get similar technology for your home. Some homeowners use what is called “grey water.” This is water that is used washing clothes and dishes, goes down your sink drains and from your shower and everywhere BUT from the toilet (that is called “black water”).
  5. Use less water showing and brushing your teeth. Many people run the water while they brush their teeth. This wastes a lot of water. Turn it off while you brush. Take shorter showers and really reduce the number of baths. This is not to say you should never take a long shower or bath again but be aware of how much water each activity uses. You use between 20 and 40 gallons of water in a short shower that lasts only four minutes.
  6. More and more people are looking to well water drilling companies to find alternative sources of the substance on their property. If you are concerned with the quality of your drinking water, talking to well water drilling contractors may be a good idea.

Many of us take access to water for granted. People who live in California, however, cannot as they are experiencing their longest and more severe drought in their history. Several years ago, salmon who could not spawn in rivers were carried in trailer trucks. We all can do our part to save water.

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